Shipping Containers Home

Shipping Containers Home

A home built from three shipping containers showed up on Facebook Marketplace this morning. The photos are of what used to be, not what you get. But they give you an idea of what a shipping container home could look like.

Shipping Container Home Great Room

Shipping Containers Houses

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I have 2 20ft shipping containers that were set up for living. There was a 20ft container on each side of living room. Each container has its own FULL bathroom and bed. Living room section has been tore down. All the kitchen appliances and TV and surround sound and kitchen table goes with the 2 units. Also have the HVAC system as well that goes with them. Each unit can be hauled separately, and all plumbing and Electrical have stub outs for easy re connection. This is a one time deal! I DO NOT HAUL NOR DO I SET THEM UP.

They are located on property in Marietta SC and I can give you contact info for someone to move them. 💥They will be available to see Wednesday 5/17. PM for address..

Shipping Containers Houses

Multiple Shipping Containers Home
Roof, pillars and bump-out glass

The photos show the home before the living room section was torn down.

Shipping Container Home

The home is on a slab that adds outdoor living space to the containers.

Entry to Shipping Containers Home

There is a large glassed in area added to the great room.

Glass Bump Out in Shipping Container Home

Inside the glass area of the great room there is enough space for a living and dining area.

Shipping Container Home Dining Room

The glass wall is on three sides. I don’t see any way to cover these windows….

Shipping Container Home Great Room

Each side of the living room is a container wall. They have windows.

Shipping Container Kitchen

The kitchen runs along the entire back wall of the great room.

Shipping containers are available in two sizes. 20-foot containers are 19’4” long inside. 20-foot containers are 39′ 5” long inside.

Shipping Container Home Kitchen

There is an island bar between the kitchen and dining/living area of the great room.

Shipping Container Home Kitchen

There is a long long countertop and a lot of lower cabinets.

Shipping Container Home Interior Wall

The doors open into the containers. Each container has a bedroom and a bathroom.

Interior Wall of Shipping Containers Home

There are windows that look into the great room. But since the great room doesn’t come with the deal, you will have windows. So there’s that.

Bedroom in a Shipping Container Home
Shipping containers are only 7′ 8” wide and 7’10” high inside.

Containers are small. This lets you see how small a container is. This is a 20-foot container, so it is 19’4” long, 7′ 8” wide and 7’10” high inside.

That makes the inside wall of the container 92″ wide. Subtract some more space if you are going to insulate and finish the walls. The shortest mattress size is full (or double). It is 74″ long. (I was surprised. I guessed twin, but a twin mattress is actually an inch longer.)

So if you push a bed into the end this way, you have at the very most 18″ to spare. Not really enough to squeeze through. But, enough room to make the bed. Bigger than a camper.

If you put the headboard against the end wall and climb in over the foot of the bed…

Here are the mattress sizes.

Twin 38″ x 75″
Twin XL 38″ x 80″
Full 54″ x 74″
Queen 60″ x 80″
King 76″ x 80″
California King 72″ x 84″

Bathroom in a Shipping Container Home

Each container has a bathroom.  7′ 8” wide is small for a bedroom, but fine for a bathroom.

Shipping Containers Home

This is the shipping container, as it was when it was set up as part of the house.

Three Shipping Containers

The seller added a photo of the containers either as they are now or as they were before the house was built. I want to say before the house was built.

Roof Support Girders for a Home Built from Shipping Containers

You can see how the girders were used to support the roof.

Shipping Container Home Ceiling and Ductwork

The sale includes the HVAC system, kitchen appliances, TV, surround sound and the kitchen table.