How Small is Too Small?

How Small is Too Small?

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Tiny House

Cost less to build

Yes, but not as much less as you might think.
A lot of the costs of building a house are the same, no matter what size the house is.

You are going to need the permits, water and sewer, fridge, stove… In fact, if the house is too small, you can’t fit standard size appliances. Smaller appliances can cost more. I was surprised, too.

Have you compared the price of a house on land with the cost of a small house kit? Or a materials breakdown?

Cost less to light, heat and cool

That depends on the small house. I am in a log cabin. It does not cost less. There is no insulation in the walls of a log cabin. I’ve insulated the attic and the floor, added thermal windows, filled all of the gaps in the logs… My well insulated larger house used way less electricity. And it’s not just because my TVs are so much bigger now.

Cost less to maintain

Not this small house.

Lower taxes

Probably. My taxes are fair.

Have a simpler lifestyle

Yes, if you can do it. And anyone sharing the house with you can do it.
Having very little space only leads to a less cluttered lifestyle if you can be ruthless.
If something has to go every time something new comes in, gifts make your heart drop.

Good for the planet


What are your goals?

Unless you intend to live in your house forever, at some point you are going to want to sell your house. People can only buy the house for what the bank will loan them. My “second story” adds very little to the value of my house, because, even though it is finished, heated and cooled, it is only tall enough in the middle. It counts as a room that is 1’ wide by 20’ long. Real estate statistics say that only 1% of home buyers acquire houses of 1,000 square feet or less. (Wikipedia)

Build Your Own Tiny House - How Small is Too Small?
Build Your Own Tiny House – How Small is Too Small?