About Project Small House and FAQ

This is my blog. Just me. One person. It is my semi-qualified opinions. If I don’t know, I research. I try to give links back to where you can find my research if you want more information.

My dad taught me to read house plans when I was young. That was all it took to qualify me for a temp job helping people select the lighting for their new construction homes. Years of reading decorating magazines and books gave me the vocabulary. So when someone came in and said they wanted French Country, I knew what questions to ask to find out what they meant by that.

I helped someone moving to choose what to keep and what to let go of as she downsized from a large house to a small condominium. Then I helped her pick up anything she didn’t already have to make it a very personal, but put-together home. She loved it. Her neighbors loved it. She told everybody I was her decorator. I looked it up. You have to go to school for at least four years to be an interior designer, but not to be a decorator. So I had cards printed. The cards were all it took for me to go to the wholesale warehouses and set up accounts to buy just about anything I wanted.

Then my son started being contacted to program computer graphics. I stayed on the phone so he would not be talking to strangers off the internet and this turned into a web design firm, which eventually led to learning WordPress, which led to this website/blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Hendersonville, NC

Why do so many posts give no opinions at all?

It could be because I just don’t have an opinion. It might be because I don’t know enough to be qualified to judge. Or it may be because something is interesting, I don’t personally like it, and I am being nice.

Do you accept guest posts?

No, thank you.

Can I hire you to write for my blog?

No, thank you.

Can you help me set up a blog?

No, but my daughter can, design42 New Media Web Design.

What is the point of this blog?

Originally, it was to learn WordPress. I looked at the photos I had available and decided the most interesting ones to write about were photos I took as I worked on my log cabin. The site got more traffic than I expected, so I monetized it. I turned my web design company over to my daughter and earn passive income at this point. Want to know more? Visit How do I make money on my blog?

Are your posts AI generated?

Absolutely not. I am blogging because I enjoy researching and writing. I find reading AI generated fluff annoying and inaccurate. Should I use AI to Write My Blog Posts?

Will you write a positive post about my product if I pay you?

If you send me photos and information about your product and I think it has something to do with one of my blogs, I might included it. You don’t have to pay me.

I don’t accept payment of any kind. I do accept a discount to buy the product if it is something I want. If I don’t like it, I will return it and I expect my money to be refunded.

Any review will be honest. If you send me something free to review… So far, anything I didn’t like I offered back and then donated to Goodwill. I didn’t mention the product at all. Sometimes it’s not because the product was bad, it just didn’t have anything to do with what I write about.