Cabin Progress Report

Cabin Progress Report

The foundation is ready for the cabin to be delivered. I’ve been asked for a floor plan with a progress list with links, so here it is.

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Westwood Cabin Floor Plan and Front Elevation
Modified Creekside Manor 3016
14′-8″ x 52′-0″
Approved for North Carolina

Progress Report

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The Cabin is Delivered!

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Foundation ready for the cabin

The next step is having the cabin delivered.

We still have to grant an easement for the water and sewer line. We own both lots, but we have to grant ourselves an easement to cross our own back yard for the water and sewer. (You know somebody must have sued somebody sometime.)  The plumber, Jeremy Dills, recommended a lawyer who can “draft a permanent easement” without a survey. I hope so.

Finished foundation, ready for the cabin

We also heard from the cabin company that we have to have a crane. There is not enough room to slide the cabin off the truck.

So, that’s where we are at. We are waiting for a crane and waiting for a lawyer. But the cabin will likely be delivered next week.

The cabin is from Westwood Cabins. You can see more photos and floor plans at and

The work is done by Fowler Excavating. Taylor Fowler has managed all of the subcontractors.