About: Three Small Houses

About: Three Small Houses

Things have changed a lot since I started this blog. I got married, moved into my husbands duplex, first the 1-bedroom, then the 4-bedroom. Then we moved back to the log cabin.

We added a farmhouse next to the log cabin, the Classic Manor New Day Cabin.

We sold Cliff’s house and the narrow piece of land we were going to put a tiny house on. My friend who was going to move into it got married. (Congratulations!)

Building a New House

In 2017, we found a beautiful piece of land in the same neighborhood we love. This blog now follows planning and building the new house. We will be adding a garage, perhaps with an apartment. We may add a tiny house or cabin.

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There are still a lot of unfinished drafts and photos of the projects we’ve done in the log cabin and the farmhouse. I will be completing these posts little by little.

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This is the story of three small houses.

  • I live in a log cabin that is a little less than 1000 square feet. It was built from a kit.
  • We bought the Classic Manor New Day Cabin model from the Home Depot parking lot.
  • We are planning a small house to put on a piece of land that we own.
Meadowbrook Cabin
Meadowbrook Cabin
Cedar Log Cabin Kit

This was a kit house. It had been assembled years ago.
The house is just a little under 1000 square feet.

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Classic Manor New Day Cabin
Classic Manor New Day Cabin

They put the model Classic Manor New Day Cabin on clearance at Home Depot. We bought it and finished it inside and out. It is my husband’s office, so it is a disaster zone now of boxes. We learned a lot along the way. It costs way more to finish a house than you would ever imagine.

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L shaped sloping quarter acre lot
L shaped sloping quarter acre lot

We have an L shaped sloping lot in a historic neighborhood. We are going to put in some kind of small house. It is in a historic neighborhood, so a small cottage or cabin would be adorable. We are doing the research to find what is the best choice.

A lot of the information on this site is research on various options.

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Home Depot now sells the Summer Wind Storage Barn and the Sundance 2-Story Building instead of the Classic Manor New Day Cabin.

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