What is a small house to you?

What is a small house to you?

People mean different things by living small. Some mean a really tiny house. Some people mean a tiny house on wheels, as small as a camper.

Here is one definition:

Tiny House: Smaller than 400 square feet
Small House: 400 square feet to 1,000 square feet

Tiny House on Wheels

Check on zoning where you live. We can’t park them permanently where I live.
You are not allowed to permanently camp in city limits.
Before you invest in anything, check zoning and planning.
If you checked before, check again. The rules have changed where we live.

House Kits

A kit house is delivered as materials on a truck. There are a lot of variations in what comes in the kit.

Complete Accessory Buildings

Home Depot sells the New Day Cabin, made by Classic Manor. We bought one and put it on our land. We pulled all of the permits and did everything right, but it cannot get a certificate of occupancy. That is fine, we want it as an office. But when we go to sell the house, it does not add as much value. The bank won’t loan as much.

Tiny House

A lot of kits and modular homes are about 14’ wide, about 500 square feet.

Small House

My house is just a little less than 1000 square feet. It doesn’t really feel all that small. But the average new home built in 2013 was 2,662 square feet. Wow!