Research: Can I put a tiny house on my land?

Research: Can I put a tiny house on my land?

Whether you are going to put in a tiny house, small modular, log cabin, container home, granny flat or a little guest house, the first step is to see what your zoning is.

We are zoned R-10. These are our rules. Your rules could be anything, so don’t assume any of this applies to you.

We are zoned to have one ADU: Accessory (or Additional) Dwelling Unit. This is a second house added to a lot that already has a house. This also means our vacant lot could have a small house put on it, then a larger house added later.

You have to check with both zoning and planning. Zoning tells you if you can do anything. Planning will issue permits if your plans are approved. Here in Hendersonville they are really nice, helpful and friendly.

Our Zoning: Dimensional Requirements

Minimum Lot Area in Square Feet: 10,000

Lot Area per Dwelling Unit in Square Feet: 10,000 for the first; 5,000 for the second or one additional dwelling unit in any one building.

Minimum Lot Width at Building Line in Feet: 75

Minimum Yard Requirements in Feet:
Principal Structure Front: 25
Side: 10
Rear: 10

Accessory Structures
Front: 25
Side: 5
Rear: 5

Maximum Height in Feet: 35

We are coded SR.

Permitted by Right (P). A use which is permitted by right must comply with the development standards for the relevant zoning district.

Permitted By Right Subject to Special Requirements (SR). Same as above except that the use must comply with one or more additional standards not required of other permitted uses in the district. These additional standards are either incorporated into the description of the use or, when they are too lengthy, a reference is given to their location in the Ordinance.

If you are in city limits (we are), you need to check with the water and sewer department. You might be surprised by how much everything is going to cost.

Permit $475.00
Water $2,430.00
Sewage $2,780.00

This is just to get started. Things are going to cost way more than you ever expect.

If city services aren’t available, you need to check on a well and septic tank.