Landmark Panelized Kit Homes

Landmark Panelized Kit Homes

Someone that talked about building on the land we have for sale told me about Landmark Panelized Kit Homes.

Our house was not built with panels, but I have watched houses in our neighborhood go up really fast this way.

You can order a kit and have it delivered right to where you are building the house.

Landmark’s Panelized kit homes allow you to lower framing costs, avoid weather issues due to quicker framing time, control quality, have less waste and dumpster costs.   Landmark also provides a guaranteed cost which helps you stick to your budget.  Building kits that are complete and add confidence to your project.  Construction time is shortened.

Landmark Home and Land Company, Inc.
Panelized Home Kits

What You Want

They show a lot of different plans on their website, over 2000 plans. You can even customize the house plans, and then they price it out.

We planned to put a modular on our land. We tried to work with quite a few companies. The concept is great, it’s fast and you have up-front pricing. And they promised we could have anything we want. And, yes, you can change modular homes. But they charge a LOT extra for any changes they can make. And you can have anything you want, as long is what you want is among the extremely few options they offer.

Special Select House Plans

One part of the website has Special Select House Plans. These are house plans that give you the most “bang for the buck.”

Some plans just take more materials and more time to build. The more little ins and outs your house has, the more peaks and valleys your roof has, the more time and money it will take to build.

Landmark’s Special Select plans are “value designed” to help you build a comfortable home at a low cost. Same high quality and service, the simple design keeps the cost down.

We can also change the size of any of the floor plans. Although, affordable to build, we offer the same design flexibility to adjust the size and floor plan as you wish.

Landmark Home and Land Company, Inc.
Special Select Floor Plans

Some of them are small, from 1240 square feet to larger, 2268. Most are a practical three bedroom, two baths. One has only two bedrooms. A couple of them have four bedrooms. Many have a garage as part of the plans. There are single story and two story plans.

Landmark Special Select Chalet Plan 7
Landmark Special Select Chalet Plan 7
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My favorite is Special Select 7, also called Chalet Plan 7. It his 1352 square feet with 973 square feet downstairs and 1352 square feet upstairs.

Kitchen - Landmark Special Select Chalet Plan 7
Kitchen – Landmark Special Select Chalet Plan 7

The living room and dining room have vaulted ceilings. The kitchen is a small, practical layout, with a bar to the dining area.

Master Bedroom - Landmark Special Select Chalet Plan 7
Master Bedroom – Landmark Special Select Chalet Plan 7

The master bedroom is upstairs. It has his and hers closets and a private bath.

Feel at home in this 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Chalet. Enjoy the open floor plan and cathedral ceilings that the home has to offer. The secluded Study is perfect for catching up on some work, doing homework or just reading a book. The Master suite features large walk-in-closets and a whirlpool bathtub.

Landmark Home and Land Company, Inc.
Special Select Floor Plans

I can do without the whirlpool tub, but since the plumbing fixtures are not part of the package, that’s not an issue.

Entry - Landmark Special Select Chalet Plan 7
Entry – Landmark Special Select Chalet Plan 7

I really like the entry layout. The study is right by the front door. This is ideal if you have a home business. And I like the coat closet right there. There is enough of a porch to keep  out of the rain while you open the door. Then you can add a larger private deck or porch off the living area.

The plans are complete, with all the pages you, your builders and the trades need, like the HVAC, electrical and plumbing diagrams.

Panelized Kit Homes

A kit house is built like a regular stick built home. It’s not a trailer or a modular. It is a regular house built on-site.

It’s just a more efficient way to build. Landmark delivers materials you need as you need them.

Once you have the plans you want and you have your permits, Landmark can deliver your kit in as little as four weeks. I’m impressed.

The plan has numbers that match numbers on the materials.

This makes building our home kit a fast and simple process.  Customers’ homes are assembled quickly so you can keep to your schedule and budget.

Landmark Home and Land Company, Inc.
Panelized Home Kits

The kit does not include the final materials. You get your windows, doors, siding, roofing, flooring, paint, cabinets, everything else locally.

Landmark Home and Land Company, Inc

Landmark seems to focus on helping you stay on budget, which was a problem when we built this house and with every remodel project I ever did.

The company is not fly-by-night. They have been around since 1993.

Our building home kits give you the advantage of developing your own budget, schedule and design. Retain control and quality of your new home build.

Landmark Home and Land Company, Inc.
About Landmark Home and Land Company

They can work with you on every part of the project. They can provide your design, engineering, permitting, production and delivery scheduling. You provide the land and the labor.