Pricing Yardistry Pavilions and Gazebos

Pricing Yardistry Pavilions and Gazebos

These are the prices I have been able to find online. The prices include shipping, either to our home or to a local store.

The difference in price from pavilions and gazebos isn’t really enough to make a huge difference. It would depend on what you like the looks of.

They are all made of 100% FSC® Certified Cedar Lumber and have an aluminum metal roof. These all have 6×6 columns.

They all are delivered complete with the wood pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained. The kit includes all hardware and metal components you need to put together a gazebo or pavilion yourself. The kits come with step-by-step instructions and there are videos available demonstrating how it is put together.

This chart compares the prices for the different sizes. A means they are on Amazon. L is Lowes, HD is Home Depot and S is Sam’s Club. They are listed in order of lowest price per square foot first.

Yardistry 11x13 DIY Wood Pavilion Kit
Yardistry 11×13 DIY Wood Pavilion Kit


The least expensive pavilion is at Sam’s Club. Right now it is only $1699.

11×13 $1,874.99 143 $13.11 A
11×13 $1,921.86 143 $13.44 L, HD
12×14 $2,369.99 168 $14.11 A
10×10 $1,699.00 100 $16.99 S
10×10 $1,700.40 100 $17.00 L
10×10 $1,799.99 100 $18.00 A
11×13 $2,700.00 143 $18.88 A

The 11×13 pavilion is the lowest price per square foot. The price is a little less right now on Amazon and exactly the same on Lowes and Home Depot.

This exact size isn’t shown on the Yardistry website as a pavilion.

Yardistry 12x12 DIY Wood Gazebo Kit
Yardistry 12×12 DIY Wood Gazebo Kit


The least expensive gazebo is the 10×10 Yardistry Wood Gazebo Kit from Home Depot. It is only $1399 right now.

The best price per square foot is for a gazebo is the 12×12. It is very nearly the same price at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

12×12 $1,899.99 144 $13.19 HD
12×12 $1,900.25 144 $13.20 L
12×14 $2,299.99 168 $13.69 A
11×13 $1,999.99 143 $13.99 A
10×10 $1,399.00 100 $13.99 HD
12×12 $2,074.99 144 $14.41 A
12×16 $2,899.99 192 $15.10 HD
12×12 $2,196.52 144 $15.25 A
12×20 $3,988.35 240 $16.62 A
10×10 $1,749.98 100 $17.50 A

The different styles are different prices, but this gives some idea on pricing and value.

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