Converted School Bus House

Converted School Bus House

This morning a School Bus converted to a tiny house or camper showed up on Facebook.

I’ve seen buses converted to campers before. And I’ve seen people live in old buses, too. But, this is the best conversion I have ever seen. It is beautiful.

2002 Pilgrim International

Exterior color: Yellow
Interior color: White
Fuel type: Diesel
  • 2002 International Converted School Bus Diesel
  • 125k miles
  • Fully converted by licensed contractor
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Flushing toilet
  • Tiled shower with shower wand
  • Custom kitchen design with tile backsplash
  • Custom wood countertops
  • Laminate wood floors
  • Puck LED lighting throughout
  • Lamp lighting in bedroom
  • Light switches ran throughout
  • Foam board and batten insulation
  • Tongue and groove ceiling
  • Plank walls
  • 1 queen bed + mattress + memory foam topper  + sheets set
  • 2 XL twin beds + 2 more XL twin mattresses (4 total)
  • Mechanically tuned up earlier this year (no issues what so ever)
  • Previous owner had new tires put on the back and air breaks tuned up
  • 30 gal water tank
  • 42 gal gray water tank
  • 14 gal black tank
  • Water heater for showers / washing dishes

Additional Items:

  • Large Toshiba AC unit
  • Fold down futon couch for living room space
  • Galanz Retro Fridge 10 cu ft w/freezer
  • Gasland Chef 2 Burner Stovetop (Propane hookups underneath)
  • Back up camera (not installed yet)

2002 Pilgrim International Converted School Bus

2002 Pilgrim International School Bus Converted to a Tiny Home

On the outside it still looks like a school bus.

2002 Diesel Pilgrim International School Bus Converted to a Tiny House on Wheels

It still drives.

Tongue and groove ceiling

But inside it has been completely finished. There is a living area with a fold down futon couch. The galley kitchen has a stove, sink and storage. Then there is a queen-sized bed and four single beds. Wow!

Kitchen with wood countertops and tile backsplash

The kitchen has dark grey cabinet storage, wood countertops and herringbone tile walls.

Gasland Chef 2 Burner Stovetop

There is a gas two burner stove. The propane hookups are underneath.

Gasland Chef 2 Burner Stovetop

The Gasland Chef 2 Burner Stovetop is built in to the countertop. It is made of stainless steel with heavy cast iron pan support grates. The 2 burners include a 5,000BTU semi-rapid burners and a 6,500BTU rapid burner. It has an The automatic electric pulse ignition uses a 120V AC power. It is ETL certified for US and Canada use including a CSA certified gas pressure regulator. It has a thermocouple flame-out failure device system (FFD) to shutoff the gas automatically if a flame is not detected to “ensure your safety in an emergency.”

Custom wood countertops

On the other side is more counter space, a sink and a fridge.

Custom kitchen design with tile backsplash

The sink is stainless steel with a built-in dish drainer.

Water heater for washing dishes

The high faucet makes it much easier to fill things. There is a water heater under the bus.

Galanz Retro Fridge

The fridge looks like a 1950s fridge. It is 10 cubic foot and has a separate freezer on top.

Plank walls

There is a hallway. Notice the standard light switches.

Flushing toilet

Behind those doors is the bathroom. A real flush toilet on one side and a shower on the other side.

Tiled shower with shower wand

The shower, behind the other door, has tile walls and floor and a hand-held or wall mount sprayer.

Four extra long twin beds

There is room to sleep a whole family. There is the fold down futon couch in the living room. There are four extra-long twin sized bunk beds.

Queen sized bed with Reading Light

The back has a queen-sized bed with a reading light and a window.

30 gal water tank
42 gal gray water tank
14 gal black tank

All of the utilities are under the camper.

30 gal water tank
42 gal gray water tank
14 gal black tank

The water heater and water tanks are fitted under the bus, accessible from the sides. (You don’t have to crawl under.)

Water heater and water storage

The bus carries up to 30 gallons of fresh water and holds 56 gallons total of waste water.

30 gal water tank
42 gal gray water tank
14 gal black tank

There is also a Toshiba AC unit and hookups for propane tanks for the water heater and the stove.