Updated Virginia Farmhouse House Plans

Updated Virginia Farmhouse House Plans

A few years ago I shared plans for a small farmhouse that Jay Osborne made available free. Yesterday he contacted me through Pinterest to tell me what is new with the plans and to tell me about his Kickstarter for a book about the floor plans and illustrations.

Virgina Farmhouse Plans
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Jay Osborne made improvements to the plans and is also giving away detailed 3D renderings.

Thank you for sharing my open-source house design many years ago. A few people have discovered it from Project Small House. But I wanted you to know that it’s much better now. The design has detailed, I improved the free house plans, everything is easier to download at www.FreeFarmhouse.com, and I’m about to launch a Kickstarter for a book about the floor plans and illustrations.

… could you please help share the love? I’m afraid my free house plans are still buried in obscurity.

Thank you again.


Jay Osborne, based the design on an abandoned farmhouse he found in a Virginia forest. He created it as an open-source art project house design.

Free American Farmhouse House Plans

The traditional farmhouse is 1000 square feet. The original plans include Site Plan, Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, Interior and Exterior Details, Doors and Windows, Electrical and all the schedules.

He’s added way more information. There is a more detailed electrical plan,

American Farmhouse Plans Site Survey

The plan includes a site survey. It won’t match your site, but it shows you what one is.

American Farmhouse Landscape Plan

There is a landscape plan to give you ideas.

There is more detail added to the bathroom and kitchen plans.

American Farmhouse Plans Woodstove and Fireplace Surround Plan

The fireplace plan use a Jotul stove.
After a lot of research, we put a Jotul stove into the bedroom of the log cabin and in the living room of our new house.

American Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel Detail

There are plans for the staircase and the fireplace mantel that would work for any house.

He even includes a cost range and a detailed materials schedule so you can realistically count the cost. I like that the plans state “PREFERENCE SHALL BE GIVEN TO LOCALLY PRODUCED OR SALVAGED ANTIQUE MATERIAL.”

With the new free digital files, it is easier to make your own additions and customizations. You can download the CAD file, SketchUp model, technical drawings, and renderings.

You can find all of this at www.FreeFarmhouse.com.

Open-Source Architecture

Here are the source files. You can freely download and modify them. Use them to tailor the design to your situation.

These files include: 2D CAD Files, SketchUp Models, Architectural Plans, 3D Renderings, Construction Drawings and Renderings


American Farmhouse Plans Book

American Farmhouse Book Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign launches on September 14th.

American Farmhouse Plans Book

Upcoming Project

American Farmhouse: Your Architectural Plans

A book with blueprints for a simple house. Learn how to build your dreams with these detailed house plans and illustrations.

American Farmhouse: Your Architectural Plans on Kickstarter

American Farmhouse Plans Book

The American Farmhouse Plans Book has the plans and way more information.

American Farmhouse Design Modifications

The book includes ideas for customizations and additions.

Alabama Farmhouse Plans

Jay is also working on a new project, a larger Southern style house. The initial drawing has wide porches and bay windows. You can sign up on his website for updates on his progress.