Replacing the Fiberglass Tub with an Acrylic Shower

Replacing the Fiberglass Tub with an Acrylic Shower

The log cabin had a fiberglass tub. We have been fighting a leak for years and finally decided to replace the tub with a shower.

The old fiberglass tub

We called West Shore Home on November 23. They came out and measured the very next day. Everything we wanted was available, so the install was scheduled for December 7.

The scheduler called the day before to confirm. She said they would be there by 9:00. At almost exactly 9:00 the truck backed into our driveway.

Digging out all of the silt that was covering the water shut off valve

The first step was to turn off the water. The shutoff is in the yard, but was very silted over. One of the installers brought a little trowel and dug through to the valve.

Drop cloth to protect the floor

Meanwhile the other guy laid out drop cloths and brought in the tools.

Removing the old fixtures

By the time they got the water shut off, they were taking off the old tub fixtures.

Marks where the drywall will be removed

They measured to where the new shower will go and marked the drywall to cut.

Cutting the fiberglass tub surround into pieces to get it out of the house

Next they started to cut apart the old fiberglass shower unit.

Cut away drywall

They took off the drywall to get behind the fiberglass.

Old fiberglass tub cut into pieces to remove

They cut the tub into pieces and pulled them apart.

The old tub and walls

They carried it out in sections.

They worked very neat.

Concrete was under the old tub

Under the tub was a big blob of concrete that they had to get out, too.

They cut off the copper pipe. They removed all the old pipe, both the incoming water and the outgoing drain pipe.

New new shower floor and the plywood that it will rest on

This is the new shower floor. It has a piece of plastic over it until they are done so it doesn’t get scratched.

They cut a piece of wood that will go over the floor, under the shower.

They put in the wood and lined up the drain.

Plenty of floam under the new shower floor

Then they sprayed the entire bottom of the new shower floor with a thick layer of foam.

Great Stuff Pro
This is the stuff under the shower floor

The foam is Great Stuff Pro Polyurethane Foam Sealant.

The shower floor is screwed into the studs

They laid the shower floor down and secured it with screws while they pressed it into place.

Hooking up the drain under the house

Then one of the installers dressed in a Tyvek suit and crawled under the house to finish installing the drain.

The new plumbing pipes and the valve for the shower

They worked together, one under the house and one in the bathroom installing the new water pipes.

Finishing the Acrylic Shower >

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