Adorable Vintage Event Camper or Food Truck

Adorable Vintage Event Camper or Food Truck

This adorable camper that has been updated to serve refreshments at events just showed up on one of the Facebook Garage Sale sites I follow.

Super Cute Vintage Event Camper Food Truck

Adorable Vintage Camper

Adorable camper that will need a little TLC but is in decent shape. These pictures were taken about 2 years ago and we have not used it since.

Doesn’t have a title but do have bill of sale, I have owned it for about 5 years now.

Adorable Vintage Camper on Facebook Marketplace

I found an earlier post for the same camper on WNC’s All Things Wedding group.

Vintage Camper Coffee Shop

1970 Travel Lite Vintage Camper

Super cute vintage camper to use for events, parties or to turn into food truck

We used it for a few weddings, New Year’s Eve event and parties.

Its late 60’s or early 70s.

Does need a little TLC

Super Cute Vintage Camper

The window height is ideal for serving from

I don’t know who did the work, but the camper is adorable!

The serving window

They turned it into a sort of food truck by cutting a wide window in one side.

The serving window

The serving window is finished with stained natural wood.

The serving window

There is a counter that is wide enough to work and serve from.

The serving window

Rustic pendants hang on either side of the counter.

The serving window from inside

Here is the counter from the inside. Basic, but practical. Deep enough, but not in the way.

There is space under the bench for more storage

The inside is simple and practical. The floor, trim, surfaces and this bench are in medium dark stained wood. It makes the white really pop!

Shelf storage

There are shelves for practical open storage.

The bench is open underneath.

There is additional space under the bench if it’s needed.

Everything is consistently white with stained wood.

The bench is where the ceiling is lowest.

The interior is refinished in white with contrasting stained wood trim.

Cute cafe lights add extra lighting when it’s needed.

The door is painted black or dark grey.

The door is on the opposite side of the camper from the serving counter.

White painted beadboard

The straight walls are finished in beadboard.

Beadboard finishes the interior walls

Beadboard was common in farm houses built before the 1940s. I love it. I finished the attic of my log cabin with beadboard.

Project: Turning the Attic into a Playroom

Even the little vent window is trimmed out with wood.

This is what you see from outside over the counter.

The window closes up

And the window can be closed when you need to.

Adorable Vintage Camper

It is just adorable. They did such a great job!