Modular Homes with an Unfinished Second Story

Modular Homes with an Unfinished Second Story

We just visited Premier Homes of the Carolinas. All of the model modular homes on display now have an unfinished upstairs. Three have the upstairs completely unfinished. One has half the upstairs finished and the rest unfinished.

All of the models have changed since the last time we were there. I don’t know the names of them, so I am going to start on the left.

Premier Homes of the Carolinas Model

This is the first model.

Carpeted Stairs

The stairs are finished with carpeting.

The stairs in the unfinished second floor

Once you are upstairs it opens into a really large unfinished space.

Large unfinished space to the left

When you turn to the left, there is a large unfinished area.

Double Dormer Window

It has a double dormer window, which adds space.

Unfinished room to the right

There is another unfinished room to the right from the stairs.

unfinished space over the porch

And this area is above the porch. I’m not sure how you would finish this.

Premier Homes of the Carolinas Model

This is the next model. Upstairs has a lot of windows!

All one big room

It is all one really big unfinished room.

Dormer window and window in end wall

This is the end wall. The three dormer windows and end wall windows make it very nice and bright.

The boxed in stairwell

This is the stairwell. It is finished on the downstairs side.

Premier Homes of the Carolinas Model

Upstairs this home has one large unfinished room.

Premier Homes of the Carolinas Model with unfinished upstairs

The dormer windows give a lot of light and extra headroom.

The stairs are on one side of the living room

The stairs are on one side of the living room.


They are unfinished now.

Up to the unfinished second floor

And they lead up to the unfinished second story.

The stairwell is completely unfinished

This is what it looks like upstairs. One side has a double dormer and a large double window.

Large unfinished upstairs with two double dormer windows

There is a lot of space. This looks like it is the Mainstreet Elite Craven II or III from Nationwide Homes. I’m not sure. We really weren’t paying much attention to anything but the upstairs.

Nationwide Homestead Farmhouse I

The last one is the Homestead Farmhouse I, I think. I had wandered through last year while they were still building it.

Modular Farm House Under Construction >

Upstairs are two bedrooms and a bath that are finished. They are in the area to the right.

Unfinished area with dormer window

This is the area over the open floor plan living, dining, kitchen room.

Two different kinds of hinges

You can see the construction where it is unfinished. The roof is held with hinges.

The roof has hinges so it can unfold once the house is in place

The hinges let the roof be folded after it is built at the factory. Then it is unfolded when the house is assembled.

These are all at Premier Homes of the Carolinas, 6080 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC.
(I don’t work for them. They don’t pay me.)