Happier Camper ADAPTIV® Modular Camper Van Conversion

Happier Camper ADAPTIV® Modular Camper Van Conversion

We are just starting to look at camper ideas. We were going to buy an old camper to have fun restoring until we talked to some people that did it and they told us some of the drawbacks. The largest obstacle they have found is the difficulty in finding campgrounds that will let older campers stay. A lot of campgrounds won’t let any camper more than 15-years-old stay. Some won’t even let campers over 10-years-old in. That’s really limiting! They’ve found that many campgrounds that let anyone set up don’t take reservations, so they end up spending the night in a Walmart parking lot.

So, if we aren’t going to renovate a vintage camper, what other options are there? We talked about starting with something small and easy to drive. Something we could take anywhere. We went to Camping World to look at all of the campers.

Happier Camper Display at Camping World

The first thing that caught our attention was the little Happier Camper.

Inside the Happier Camper
Built-in bathroom and kitchenette.

Happier Camper is a camper with interior components that can fit together like Lego blocks. And the components can be used in a van instead of the camping trailer.

Inside the Happier Camper
Built-in bathroom and kitchenette.

The HC1 Studio and Traveler models have a built-in kitchenette and bathroom in the HC1 shell.

HC1 Happier Camper

The rest of the parts are modular.

The Magic of Modular

The Magic of Modular

How would you configure your HC1?

Use the sample flooring system to see for yourself how the Happier Camper’s highly flexible Adaptive™ ecosystem empowers you to easily customize your vehicle on the go.

The Floor
“The ultra-strong honeycomb fiberglass floor is combined with heavy-duty (yet lightweight) molded plastic pieces to create the setup that works for you.”

Different parts lock into place on the floor.

An Innovative Modular System

Our highly flexible Adaptive™ modular interior system allows you to easily customize your trailer on-the-fly, to suit a variety of needs. From camping, to hauling, to guest quarters, create the layout you want in just minutes. Configuring and reconfiguring is a snap, and the possibilities are near endless.

HC1 Happier Camper
Notice the folding hitch?

It really is a cute little lightweight camper. They start at only 1100 pounds. That is pretty light for a camper. The ones with a bathroom and kitchen weigh from 1800 to under 2500 pounds. The larger ones include freshwater and graywater tanks.

Round Window with Built-in Blinds

The round window in the door has built in blinds that close with you spin it.

The website says the modular camper parts can be made to fit in a van. You can “integrate a modular, changeable interior setup using the Adaptiv system.”

Happier Camper ADAPTIV® Modular Camper Van Conversion >

The trailers work by having a floor that the components lock onto. You can buy and install the Adaptiv floor in a van.

Provided as an easy-to-install 7-piece flatpack modular camper van conversion kit, our modular floor grid will quickly enable you to use Adaptiv components that are optimized for the easy installation of a wiring harness, DC & USB ports.

ADAPTIV® Modular Nesting Table Top and Cubes

So far it works with Sprinter® vans, but they are developing it for other vans as well.

The Adaptiv for Vans floor is made of 1.5″ thick honeycomb fiberglass. It’s super strong yet incredibly light. Grooves are embedded in the floor to hold the Adaptiv cube components in place — just like Lego®. The floor panels have additional embedded features like table bases, frame-mounted D-Ring tie-downs, seatbelts and inserts to lock your modular camper van components securely in place.

This kitchen and bathroom are not modular.

Modular Kitchenette and Dry Flush toilet

There is a modular kitchenette and toilet.

State-of-the-art dry flush toilet system

What is a Dry Flush Toilet?

A dry flush toilet does not use water. I’m not positive how these specific ones work, but the ones I have seen have a plastic liner that seals when you “flush” the toilet.