Off-frame Modular Clayton Homes

Off-frame Modular Clayton Homes

We have land. Now we are looking for a home to put on it. What is it going to cost, not just for the house, but all of the rest of the costs that are not included in the house prices shown?

We worry about having a house stick-built. We have houses in our neighborhood that are still not finished. They have had nothing but trouble with getting materials and getting workers to show up. They’ve told us about how much more things cost now than when they started. As much as possible, we want to know about how much things will end up costing.

Schumacher Homes built our last house and we are very happy with it. The whole experience was positive and we were able to find a compromise between what we want and what we wanted to pay for. The Cottagewood house plan is 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 884 square feet and $222,406. This is the exact same house plan I looked at in 2017 when it was $107,779. Wow! If we are going to do this, we should do it before prices get any higher!

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Sedona by Clayton Homes
2/1 Park Model Tiny Home

Clayton Homes was recommended. They make mobile homes, modular homes and park model homes. The land we are building on is not zoned for mobile homes or park model homes.

Clayton Mobile Home

We were told that any home they make can be made as a modular home or as a mobile home, it’s just a matter of being built on-frame or off-frame, but that is absolutely not true. The very confident person we spoke to did not know what she was talking about.

Clayton Homes Modular Construction

If you want to see the homes Clayton makes that are available as modular homes, go to Put in your zip code to see what they make that meets the building code where you live. Then click features and scroll down to Modular Construction. The results go from 485 down to 18.

The least expensive modular construction house from Clayton Homes is the Cottonwood. It is $120,000 before options. All of them say “before options.” The Cottonwood is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,188 square feet.

Clayton Homes has a place not far from here, so we went out to take a look at them in real life.

Clayton Mobile Home 8-foot walls with drywall Carpeted Bedroom

None of the homes were labeled whether they are modular or mobile homes. We thought we could tell, though. Some of the homes looked like regular houses, with drywall construction.

Clayton Homes 9-foot high sheetrock walls with crown molding

Some even had high, 9-foot ceilings and crown molding.

Clayton Mobile Home Carpeted Bedroom

Others looked like trailers, with wallpaper printed walls with seams.

Clayton Mobile Home Wall
POG and VOG wallboards are pieces of drywall that have a covering laminated to the entire piece of drywall.

Definitely a mobile home wall.

Clayton Mobile Home Soaking Tub

This is a trailer for sure. With what they used to call a garden tub. Now it is a soaking tub.

Clayton Homes Master Bathroom

This has drywall and a walk-in shower. We guessed modular home.

Clayton Mobile Home Kitchen

This looks like a mobile home kitchen.

Clayton Homes Kitchen

This must be a modular home kitchen.

Clayton Homes Living Room and Kitchen

This looks like a modular home kitchen with 8-foot ceilings.

Clayton Mobile Home Stainless Steel Double Sink

This one is for sure a mobile home.

Clayton Homes White Farmhouse Sink with Sprayer

We guessed this one was a modular home.

Clayton Homes Laundry Room

High ceilings, huge laundry room, great trim, sturdy solid doors… gotta be a modular.

Barn Door from Bedroom to Bathroom
Clayton Homes

This has got to be a modular home, too.

Clayton Homes Open Floor Plan Living, Dining, Kitchen

This is a huge open room with the kitchen, dining room and living room all open. Lots of windows, high ceiling…

After we looked at all of the houses on the lot, we walked in and asked for sure which ones are modular.

And the answer? None of them. All of these houses are mobile homes. They make mobile homes now that look exactly like a house inside. The drywall looks the same. They even have high 9-foot ceilings. None of the houses we looked at there are even available as modular homes. So none of them can be put on our land because of our zoning.

Clayton Homes Magnolia Off-frame Modular Home

The gentleman we spoke to recommends the Magnolia. It is an off frame modular.

The Clayton Homes Magnolia Modular Home is 1,546 square feet, bigger than we were thinking about. We really wanted something closer to 800 square feet, an ADU size. But let’s find out what it will cost.

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