Horizon IV 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath 1,327 Square Foot Modular Home

Horizon IV 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath 1,327 Square Foot Modular Home
Heartland Living Room, open to Dining and Kitchen Premier Homes of the Carolinas

Premier Homes of the Carolinas has the Horizon II available to tour. It is larger than the plan we are looking at, the Horizon IV.

Horizon IV 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath Plan
1,327 Square Foot Modular Home

Horizon IV is the smallest, most affordable modular home, with 1,327 square feet. It is listed as 3+ bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. But, it can be built as a two bedroom for even less. It is 27+ feet wide (two 13+ feet sections) and 48-feet long.

Horizon IV 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath 1327 Square Foot Modular Home

It’s almost the same looks as the one they have to tour. I mocked up this picture from the house we toured.

The packet Premier Homes gave us listed the Heartland IV at $232,582. With a porch, it is $241,022.  It also says average build time only takes 7 months from the time your financing is approved, which is faster than when we were looking a few years ago.

When we toured the model, we asked for a quote with no options at all added, moved to our land and assembled. Other websites gave a price of “High $100s,” likely just the house.

Heartland Master Bedroom
Walk-in closet, En suite bath
Premier Homes of the Carolinas

The only option we asked for is solid flooring throughout, no carpeting.

They got the information back to us right away.

It looks like the standard price includes Resolve Vinyl Plank flooring in the Living Room, Foyer, Kitchen, Dining Room, Hall, Baths and Utility room. The bedrooms get carpet. There is no line item price, but it says “Floor Covering – Resolve ILO carpet per SF 398.00.” I think the price they gave us includes this option.

Floor Insulation is not included.

There is a $1000 contingency fee included. The quote lists freight and modular carrier use fee for the two modular sections.

These items are on the list, with no line item prices. Are they included in the total price?

  • Digging and Pouring of Standard Footers
  • Standard Concrete Block Crawlspace Foundation (4-5 block average)
  • Sill Plate
  • Stucco Finish of Exterior Crawl Space
  • Access Door to Crawl Space
  • Set, Freight, and Delivery (to the Sales Center in Henderson County for calculation)
  • Trim Out and Finishing of Homes Interior and Exterior
  • 15 SEER HVAC System (Condenser on the outside of home, fan in the attic or crawlspace)
  • Standard 50gln Hot Water Heater
  • All Plumbing in the Home and Plumbed at the Home (Pex)
  • All Electrical in the Home and Hooked Up at the Home (12 gauge wire/200amp)
  • Exterior porches/decks/steps to code minimum (as required by NC Code)
  • All Gutters, Downspouts, Drains (White)
  • Omitted Appliances
  • Porta Jons and Dumpsters for Onsite Crew
  • Crane for Day of Set
  • All Building Permits and 911 Address Assignment

*Site improvements TBD by a licensed Grader

Total Price for Heartland IV on Crawlspace: $236,404.

What is not included for sure is schedule the septic, driveway and grading. Interesting, they included grading for a cranepad.

This is still bigger and more money than we are hoping to spend. But it is a possibility. The next step is a site visit with a grader to get a price for grading. We are going to hold off to see if we can find something maybe smaller. Something that maybe doesn’t need a crane to put it together.