Small Modular Cabin Construction: Lights

Small Modular Cabin Construction: Lights

This post details the lighting plan with photos of the wiring and photos of the finished rooms. The plans specify LED lights in every room. There are two ceiling fans and plenty of outlets.

Lighting Fixture Schedule

The Light Schedule specifies Topaz LED Surface Mount Disk Lights. They look like recessed lighting, but they are actually just really thin, flat surface mount lights.

Topaz 70686 SDL6/15/940/D-28 – 6″ LED Surface Mount Disk Light, 15W, Dimmable, White, 4000K

Instead of being recessed, these lights connect to an outlet box.

Topaz 70686 SDL6/15/940/D-28 – 6″ LED Surface Mount Disk Light, 15W, Dimmable, White, 4000K

They blend in on the white ceiling.

Electrical Symbols List

These are the symbols on the plans, for anything that isn’t self-evident.

Electrical Symbols List

I really do love the surface mount LED lights. Which is a good thing. There are a lot of them everywhere.

Westwood Modular Cabin Blueprints
Living Room Electrical Plan

The living room gets four lights on 2-way switches, one by each door. I asked them to pre-wire so we could add ceiling fans later, but they went ahead and just gave us fans.

Beginning Wired for Ceiling Fan

Beginning the power for the living room. The fan will hang here.

Living Room

And here’s the finished cabin.

Living Room

There are PLENTY of lights and electric outlets.

Kitchen Electrical Plan

This is the plan for the kitchen. The switch to the main kitchen lights is next to the hall lights switch. There is a light over the sink with a switch. There is a switch on the wall near the bar for the lights over the bar.

Kitchen Ceiling Lights

We couldn’t decide whether we wanted pendants over the bar. Because these are surface mounted, not recessed, it will be no trouble to swap them out to an island light, a row of pendants, even a lighted pot rack.

Laundry and Bath Electrical Plan

We opted to have a linen cabinet in the bathroom, even though it put the switches in less than ideal places. One switch is outside the bathroom door. The other switch is in the bathroom, just past the door when it is open. The vent has a separate switch from the fan.

Combination Exhaust Fan/Light
Wet Location Light over Shower

The fan and light on the lower ceiling in the bathroom. (The loft is over these rooms.)

Beginning Wiring for Dryer

This is the laundry room during construction.

Our New Modular Cabin Laundry
Westwood Cabins Creekside Manor

The finished laundry room with power and a vent for the dryer, power for the washer and some more outlets, too.

The ladder will access the loft. There are rails to hang it in the hallway, after the house is moved to our location and set up.

Hallway Electrical Plan

This is the hallway electrical plan. There are two lights in the hall with a switch at each end.

Hallway from the Bedroom Door
First Door is Bathroom
Second Door is Laundry Room

This is the hallway. You can see the switch to the bathroom.

Westwood Modular Cabin Blueprints
Loft Electrical Plan

The loft has four lights and an outlet.

Light switch to loft is in the ceiling just left of the opening in the rail

The loft switch is at the opening. We asked if they could move the opening to the center to make it easier to reach things stored up there.

The ladder can’t stay there all the time, since it is in front of the doors. We asked if they could add another rail at the end of the hall by the bedroom, instead of by the kitchen like the original plan. I just like it better there. It seems like I’m less likely to crash into it. And I might want to hang a painting or something… I don’t know. I just like it better.

Bedroom Electrical Plan

The bedroom has plenty of lights and outlets, too.

14′ x 12′ Bedroom
168 Square Feet
Two Side-by-side 3’wide x 5′-2″ high windows

The bedroom under construction.

Westwood Modular Cabin Bedroom

They gave us ceiling fans. There are four lights and outlets just where you need them for bedside lights.

Outside Wall Light

There are lights by each door and wet-location outlets, too.

Security Lights

I forgot that we wanted security lights on each corner of the cabin. I called them and asked if they could run the wires if the walls weren’t covered up already. They ran the wires and added the lights.

Westwood Cabins has been so good to work with. You can see more photos and floor plans at and