Block Foundation for Our Small Modular Cabin

Block Foundation for Our Small Modular Cabin

The surveyors came back out over the weekend and marked the foundation.

Footers marked by the surveyor and ready for block

They marked the block with where the foundation goes.

Snapping a chalk string

This man snapped chalk lines on the footing connecting the marks the surveyor had made.

A trailer load of block is set out and ready

A load of block was delivered and moved into place.

Mixer, mortar and sand

They mixed water with mortar and sand.

Concrete blocks ready to build the foundation

They unloaded the block and stacked it ready.

String Line

The block masons started with the corners. They had string lines to keep the block straight.


They made sure each row of block was level and flat.

String Line

Every step of the way they used string line keeps the block straight.

Foundation blockwork

They kept it straight as they built the wall connecting the corners.

The finished foundation with the anchor bolts

By the time we got home, the foundation was finished.

Anchor bolts

Anchor bolts are cemented into the top of the wall.

Completed foundation with anchor bolts

The anchor bolts were cemented in. They will attach the wood to the block.

The truck dropping off the block sunk in the yard

Taylor was right about using the pump instead of having the truck try to drive across the yard. The trailer with block sunk in.

All of the work is done through Fowler Excavating. Taylor Fowler is a local contractor here in Western North Carolina.

The cabin is from Westwood Cabins. You can see more photos and floor plans at and