The Cabin is Delivered!

The Cabin is Delivered!

The weather has been beautiful, but the night before the cabin was to be delivered it rained. And rained and rained and rained. As the sun came up there were puddles everywhere and it was cold and pouring rain.

Westwood Cabins sent us an email to let us know that the cabin left at 8:00 in the morning, so the earliest they could be here would be noon. I still looked out the window all morning.

The cabin is as wide as the road is!

Just before 1:00, a red car drove by with lights and an Oversize Load sign. I threw on a raincoat and ran out.

The cabin turned onto our road.

The cabin made it onto our road. It was parked while the first pilot car reconnoitered.

How are they going to get the cabin under the lines?

There are quite a few wires going over the road. Power is underground, but cable and phone lines string over the road in a couple of places.

Telescoping Wire Retriever Pole

The guy in the pilot car pulled out a telescoping pole and pushed the wires up and over the piece of wood sticking out the front of the cabin.

Cabin Driving to Our House

The cabin slid right under the lines.

Cabin Driving to Our House

The cabin did not look this big when it was next to other cabins. On our road it looks huge. How are they ever going to get this around the corners?

How are they possibly going to make this turn?

This is a tight turn on two narrow roads.

Directing the Driver

This guy is directing him. Do you see those wheels under the trailer?

These tires come down, lift the trailer and steer

There are tires under the trailer that come down and turn the trailer the other direction. This trailer could pivot on these narrow roads and make the turn.

Made the turn and ready to back into place

They turned away from our house so they can back in.

The car backs ahead of the trailer

They threaded between the gate and the guard rail of the bridge over the brook.

Trying to keep the cabin on the driveway

The cabin is as wide at the driveway. Maybe wider.

Squeezing past the trees

The squeezed past the silt fence and turned to get past the trees.

The other set of tires lifted

And the trailer sank in the mud. There is plenty of gravel, but the trailer is really heavy and there is a LOT of rain turning the yard into quick sand.

They lifted with the under tire assembly. I have to find out the name of those things.

The other set of tires lifted

They lifted and scooched over and over, but the tires just kept sinking.

This is the goal.
This cabin on this foundation

They are trying to get the cabin as close to the foundation as they can. But the tires keep sinking in the mud.

They used tilted and pushed timber under the trailer

They tilted the cabin side to side and tried wedging timber under the tires, but everything kept sinking in the mud. It would not go up the hill.

Finally, they gave up.
The cabin is delivered, but not where we want it.

Finally, they gave up and set the cabin down.

They put supports under the cabin

They put some supports under the cabin so it’s not sitting right in the mud.

They placed the cabin on some supports

It’s close. Not where they want it. It had been a few more feet up the hill, but it is where it is.

The trailer lifts and slides the cabin off.

The trailer lifts really high to tilt the cabin until it touches in the back so they don’t just drop it.

Close – it’s up to the crane now.

Then they slide out from under the cabin leaving it on blocks.

The crane is supposed to come Wednesday, but the forecast is for more rain. The crane company is sending a guy Monday to see what they are up against. I would not be surprised if they have to wait so the crane doesn’t sink in the mud.

I checked this morning. The mud has not swallowed the cabin.

The cabin is from Westwood Cabins. You can see more photos and floor plans at and

The work is done by Fowler Excavating. Taylor Fowler has managed all of the subcontractors.