Gutters for the Little Modular Cabin

Gutters for the Little Modular Cabin

We are still waiting for the city. We can’t move forward until we have water and sewer connections. We were going to wait until we had added the permanent porch to add gutters, but after a few good rains, we decided to go ahead. It’s at least something we can do to feel like we are making some progress while we wait.

Tuxedo Gray gutters will match the Sherwin Williams 2848 Roycroft Pewter paint perfectly

Taylor Fowler sent out the guys from Ray’s Gutter Services and they gave us a very reasonable price for seamless gutters. We chose to match the color of the paint.

How many people does it take to start a generator?

They did not realize we don’t have power yet. We tried plugging it in at his shed, but their gutter making machine drew more power than we had coming to his shed, so it kept flipping the breaker.

Then Cliff had some intense frustration when his generator wouldn’t start, with an audience with lots of opinions.

They drove the truck over to our house so they could plug in the machine

Finally they drove over to our house and plugged in there.

Seamless gutter machine takes a spool of metal and forms it into a gutter.
That is a tape measure. One end is attached to the other end of the gutter so they can make the right length.

After all that, it only took about 20 minutes to make the gutter for the front and back of the cabin.

Putting the gutter in place

They walked the gutter up to the cabin and drove the truck back with the rest of the tools and bits and pieces.

The gutter end caps are crimped on and sealed

Next they put gutter end caps on both ends of the gutter. Inside they put these hangers. They will attach to the house and hold both the front and back of the gutter.

Screwing the gutter to the cabin

Three guys lifted the gutters into place and attached it to the cabin.

Measuring for the downspouts

Next they measured for the downspouts. They put one on each corner.

Measuring for the downspout fitter

He held up the downspout fitter and marked where it needed to be fit in.

Snipping a hole for the downspout

He snipped a hold for the downspout.

The downspout outlet fitted through the opening

Then he pushed the downspout fitter through the opening he had cut.

The downspout is lifted into place

The downspout was cut to fit and lifted into place.

Straps secure the downspouts in place

The downspout elbow slipped over the outlet. They attached it with bracket strips or straps.

The gutter feeds through the adapter into a downspout elbow to the down pipe. The pipe is attached to the wall with bracket strips.

Everything was sealed with silicone and fastened into place.

The color is PERFECT!

That’s it. Still waiting for water… then power…