What Does the Home Depot Bangalow Imagine Home Kit Include?

What Does the Home Depot Bangalow Imagine Home Kit Include?

Australia’s Imagine Kit Homes are now made in America and sold at Home Depot. The kits in Australia are available quite complete. The kits available here are not.

What do you get in the kit? The kit is actually a frame kit with directions.

Bangalow Imagine Kit Home Frame

This is what you get, the metal frame.

Bangalow Imagine Kit Home Construction

Then you finish it yourself, providing the rest of the materials.

What’s Included?

The kit to build the house frame is delivered to your building location. It comes partially pre-assembled and has all of the “necessary components to erect your structure.”

  • Quality steel frame kit
  • Engineered and designed plans
  • Easy to follow step-by-step DIY building system and instructions
  • Quick product pick list of items to finalize your dream home at your time, pace and budget.
Bangalow Imagine Kit Home Frame

Steel Frame Kit

The kit includes only the steel frames and trusses.

You receive pre-assembled galvanized steel frames including brackets and fittings that you complete yourself on your own foundation.

The kit can be ordered with a floor system, but that is not the same thing as a foundation.

The Home Depot kits can be delivered to anywhere in the continental United States. (Sorry Hawaii and Alaska, you’re probably used to it.) The kit is delivered where you tell them, so it can be dropped off right where you are building your house.

Delivery is included in the price. The frame is delivered on a 40’ gooseneck trailer. Altogether it weighs tons, but it is in separate pieces. They say “light” and “easier to unload” but I think light is pretty relative here.

Off-loading is not included in the price.

Delivered, they can be unloaded by hand (will take longer) a forklift would make it a lot easier. Driver will assist but best to have a couple more people on your end to assist in the unloading of the steel frame building kit, it will weigh approx 10000 lbs all up (bundle total weight), but the separate structures (walls etc) will be light and make it easier to unload. Home Depot Imagine Kit Homes

Once constructed, the frame is 5.5 inches. That is a bit wider than a 2×4 frame. The cavity is about 6”, enough space for plenty of insulation.

The steel frame has a 50 year durability warranty.

Customized Plan for Bangalow Imagine Kit Home


Stamped frame engineering plans and architectural plans to complete the house come with the kit. Imagine Kit Homes says they provide “site specific engineering to suit your location once the frames have been ordered.”

The kit includes all of the building plans that meet the state or county requirements where the kit is sold. They are signed or stamped by a professional engineer for your location. This includes the frame layout and drawings, frame assembly details.

Customized Plan for Bangalow Imagine Kit Home

There are plan variations with different square footage and different layouts.


The kit includes all on-sight assembly instructions.

The frames and trusses should only take a few days to assemble.

In some areas Home Depot can recommend contractors experienced in erecting these in your local area.

Building a Bangalow Kit on Imagine Kit Homes YouTube Channel

There are also detailed instructions on YouTube to walk you through.

Imagine Kit Homes YouTube Channel

Bangalow Imagine Kit Home Nearing Completion

What’s NOT Included?

The kit has everything you need to make the frame, but that’s it. No other building materials are included. You buy everything else to finish the house locally. Nothing else is included.

  • Foundation
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation

You can totally personalize your new home from every aspect, helping you to control your budget, meet your personal requirements and your local area requirements (county requirements and local housing codes/permits).

Bangalow Imagine Kit Home can be ordered with a raised steel floor or can be assembled on a concrete slab foundation.

The kit can be assembled on a slab, or order it with an elevated floor system.

Bangalow Imagine Kit Home with elevated floor system

The kit includes a take-off list. You can get the quick product pick list for your location to “count the cost” before you order the kit. You will finish the house on your own schedule, but you need to be able to buy items as you need them.

Optional Bangalow Imagine Kit Home with Covered Porch

Redesign Yourself

You can make changes to the plan to order the pre-configured frame that meets your needs.

Plan for Bangalow Imagine Kit Home

This is the basic plan. The deck can be on the front, but then the big glassed view is out the front and if it is open, you are in plain view of everyone. I would for sure put the deck on the back, where I have a better view and so I can leave the windows open.

Customized Plan for Bangalow Imagine Kit Home

Here is a customized version that has a laundry room.

Customized Plan for Bangalow Imagine Kit Home

This one has showers in both identical bedrooms.