Inside our 2 Story Home Depot Building

Inside our 2 Story Home Depot Building

We bought the model 2-Story building from the parking lot of Home Depot. When we bought it, it was the Classic Manor New Day Cabin. Now they sell Tuff Shed Sundance Outbuildings. I posted the photos of them putting it up, but I never got photos of the inside once we got it more finished. This post answers your questions. Sorry if the answers are disappointing.

Shoehorned in

You can see how we shoehorned it in to keep it on our land.

We bought it to be a home office. We put insulation in the floor, ceiling and walls. Then we put drywall over that, painted and put carpet on the floor. We added gas heat and air-conditioning.

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I know. There are a lot of these that are fixed up really really cute. But this one was a workshop office space.

Home Depot Classic Manor New Day Cabin

Doors & Windows

Doors and windows cost extra. Since this was the model, they had put in 8 windows and upgraded the door.

Four windows upstairs

We have eight windows, four upstairs, four downstairs. They open and they have screens. They are enough to let in a lot of natural light and airflow.


The double door makes it really easy for my husband to move things in and out. The doors are glass, which lets a lot of light in.

Dog door, Jack Russel sized

By the doors is the dog door.

Stairs in the Classic Manor 2-story building

The Stairs

I get more questions about the stairs than anything else. 36″ stairs with railing and baluster comes standard. The stairs in models are put in all different ways. Ours are not exactly centered. We left as much space as we could under the stairs, to the left in this photo. It seemed the most practical use of the space.

Often they have the stairs turn a corner with a landing in the middle. That makes it harder to move things up and down the stairs. This arrangement was most practical for a workshop. Having the banister and railings end where they do also makes it easier to move things.

Downstairs in the Classic Manor 2-story building

The corner to go up the stairs is still big enough to move things through.

Open stairs

The stairs are open. There is plenty of room under them.

The upstairs landing

The top landing is a good size.

The small floor space above the stairs

On the other side is a strange little space. I’ve been asked if this is big enough to use for various things. It is small.

Not very much space above the stairs

That’s it. Not much space left here.

A gas heater provides enough heat for upstairs and downstairs

Heat & Air Conditioning

We built a little half wall to support a gas heater. It is below the stairs and provides enough heat for both floors.

The wall to mount the gas heater

This is all there is to the little wall.

Air-conditioner and Gas Heater

We put a heater/air-conditioner in the center of the wall downstairs, too.


There is an air-conditioner in one of the windows upstairs, too, for really hot days.

Breaker box on left
Access box on right for internet, antenna and all that stuff

Power & Data

We pulled permits and hired an electrician to add power.  My husband ran data lines. We had that all finished before the drywall was put up.


Insulation & Drywall

While we were having the building put up, a neighbor walked over to see if we wanted it finished inside. He turned out to be a guy my husband went to school with and he offered us a really good price to hang sheetrock.

So we bought the pink fiberglass insulation, filled the walls and the guy hung drywall to finish the inside.

Upstairs ceiling is boxed in for insulation.

We boxed in the upstairs ceiling so we could insulate it.

Downstairs ceiling

We left the downstairs ceiling alone and just painted the wood.

Mistint Paint

I went to Home Depot and asked if they had any mistint paint. The guy laughed and showed me a pallet in back of the store. A new employee had not admitted he didn’t know how to use the tinting equipment and had been hiding all his mistakes. They had just discovered them. The manager helped me pick out 15 gallons of paints that were light colored and could be mixed together and gave me a great price for them. We mixed them back and forth in five gallon buckets till everything was the same color and sprayed everything. (We taped off the windows and vents and things first.)

We put flat commercial grade carpet on the floor. If you drop a little screw on carpet, it stays put and doesn’t roll off and hide.

So that’s it! This gives you some photos to have a better idea what you can do with your 2 Story Home Depot Building.

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