Why can’t I get the 2-Story Home Depot Sundance TR-1600 or the Classic Manor New Day Cabin?

Why can’t I get the 2-Story Home Depot Sundance TR-1600 or the Classic Manor New Day Cabin?

We sold the log cabin and the Classic Manor New Day Cabin went with it. So now we really have to move everything out of it and out of the 2-car detached garage.

We planned to get a Home Depot Sundance TR-1600. The city had work to do on our land and we had to wait for them to complete it. Now that they are finally finished, the Home Depot and Tuff Shed websites don’t have the TR-1600 anymore. Why?

Why can’t I get the Tuff Shed 2-Story Sundance TR-1600?

At least right now in our area they are not selling the TB-800 2S two story barn or the TR-1600 two story utility building.  They said it is because they cannot get the labor. The other buildings are assembled in their factory. These are assembled on-site and they just don’t have enough manpower right now.

Premier Barn Garage with a large loft, two garage doors and a pedestrian door.

I was talking to the Charlotte, NC sales office. That is the one that builds in our area. The man there told us to look at the Premier Barn Garage. It is the only two-story building they are offering right now.

Premier Barn Garage

Give your vehicles their own Tuff Shed with this barn style garage. Choose from standard or custom designs to match your home. Even add a large overhead loft. Concrete is required but not included in the price.

  • Barn Style 5/12 Roof Pitch & 3-Tab Shingles
  • 8’1″ Clear Interior Wall Height
  • LP SilverTech Radiant Barrier Siding & 2×4 Wall Studs Spaced 16″ On Center
  • 3’x6’8″ 6-panel Residential Door
  • No Sidewall Eave

Tuff Shed Premier Barn Garage Product Details

This is not something we considered before. It doesn’t come with a floor. It is put on a concrete slab. It is more like a 2-story version of the detached garage we had at the log cabin.

Full loft on Premier Barn Garage

It can be ordered with a floor for the loft. Which will give us the storage we need.

This is on the Premier Barn Garage gallery page. It has a higher pitch Ranch roof, a wide garage door and an upstairs.

The  Garage Photo Gallery shows the garage with a standard barn roof or with a house roof, like the Sundance TR-1600. They even show some with a flat roof.

The stairs are outside. Without the higher side walls, there can’t be much room upstairs.

Without higher side walls, like the Sundance TR-1600 or the Classic Manor New Day Cabin we have, there is just not much usable space upstairs.

This is on the Premier Barn Garage gallery page. It has a Ranch roof and higher side walls so that there is more room upstairs.

If we can raise the sidewalls, then there is enough room to use.

The man at the sales office recommended we start with the Build-a-Quote Configurator page. Then we could make any changes when we drove to the office to make a deposit.

Build a Quote for the Premier Barn Garage

The first question is about how we are going to pay for it, but you can skip it by selecting Unsure/Proceed with design.

The option for the Ranch roof gives options for 6, 7, and 8-foot side walls. The barn style roof also gives 6, 7, and 8-foot side wall options, but then there is the extra space inside the roof.

It also shows the option for a lean-to roof, but if you select it all the larger options go away. We don’t really want a lean-to roof, but I was curious.

I can see why he told us to start with the Premier Barn Garage. It is the only one that can be big enough.

24-feet wide x 16-feet deep Premier Barn Garage – pretty funny looking

The Build-a-Quote offers 20, 22 or 24-feet wide. It starts at 16-feet long and goes all the way to 40-feet long.

Just to get an idea, we are starting with a 24×24. At 24×24, the calculator brings us to $33,443.40.

The 22×22 garage on our home now

At 22×22, the starting price shows as $29,182.00. The garage that came with our house is 22×22. We can park two cars in it and still have room for a work bench in the front and a walk way to the door. But a couple of extra feet would sure be better.

My Lamborghini fits perfectly in a 22×22 Premier Barn Garage

You can get an idea how much space it is by clicking Insert Storage Components.

To go to the next screen, you click on the far right side, which you cannot see unless your browser is at full width. Next is Doors, Windows and Vents, but I’m going to skip right to Walls to see if I can make it taller. Nope. Can’t make the walls higher using this tool.

After clicking around, I found Loft under Interior. If there is a way to add stairs, I can’t find it. It looks like the loft will make a 24×24 cost $36,131.40.

Premier Barn Garage with outside stairs to loft and dormer windows.
There are pedestrian doors on wall A for upstairs and downstairs and the double garage door is on wall B.

Back to doors and windows, you can put them in any wall. The tall walls are A and C. The side walls, where the roof comes down are B and D. There are also options for dormers. Small ones add light. Bigger ones add space.

So, the man was correct, we can get an idea of the price, but to get a price for what we want to do, we have to go down there and talk to them. We will have to figure out a time and make an appointment to move forward.

Buying from Home Depot or Direct from Tuff Shed

So what’s the difference between buying the building from Home Depot and buying direct from the Charlotte, NC sales office? The answer is on the Buyer’s Guide page.

Is there a difference in the products sold at Tuff Shed Factory-Direct Retail locations vs. the ones at The Home Depot?

Yes. Our different building models and series feature different specifications, sizes, available upgrades, and warranties. Our Good-Better-Best assortment of sheds and garages is available only at Tuff Shed factory-direct retail locations with the Garden Series®, Premier Series®, and Premier PRO Series(TM). All Tuff Shed buildings are designed for quality, including warranty coverage, and come with installation included in the price.

Buyer’s Guide

I also found out this important piece of information on this page.

How much weight can a loft hold?

A loft with 24″ On Center Joists can hold 30 lbs per square foot of typical storage. Consult your Tuff Shed rep at the design phase to increase a loft’s weight capacity for other specific use.

How much weight can the floor joists hold?

Our shed floors, with 24″ OC joists and single layer tongue and groove floor decking, are designed to support 75 pounds per square foot when the joists are placed directly onto concrete or some other firm, uniform surface; and 50 lbs psf when the joists are placed on concrete leveling blocks. Weight capacity can be increased by adding more floor joists.

We don’t have enough information yet to make any kind of a decision and we have limited time to get our stuff out of our cabin, since it sold the day we listed it. We also have to find out how much it will cost to grade and pour a slab.