24×40 Modular Cabin Shell for under $50,000

24×40 Modular Cabin Shell for under $50,000

This is such a great idea! It is sort of two of the shed type cabins that are put together onsite. That way, instead of only 12 or so feet wide, they are a full 24 feet wide, which is so much more practical to work with!

When made with two 40-foot long segments, you have a 960 square foot shell that you can arrange inside any way you want.

24×40 Doublewide Half-log Cabin Shell

Here is the ad on Facebook Marketplace:

24×40 Doublewide Half-log Cabin Shell

Unique and Beautiful NEW DESIGN combing two 12×40 half log cabin shells into one large 24×40 building! HUGE! 960 Total square feet!!

2 12×40 Half-log Cottage Shells: (will be joined together onsite by builder).  Shown with 2 Daylight Dormers, 1 solid wooden cabin door, and 8 insulated windows. Green metal roof.

All buildings made by Amish Builders. Buildings are constructed with 16in on center walls and ceiling trusses, 16in on center floor joist (2×6) with 3/4in tongue and groove plywood subfloor. All premium grade lumber; weather and pressure treated floor system.

Fully customizable. You choose add-ons, layout, colors, etc…

$49050 plus tax (as shown). Cash Only.

24×40 Doublewide Half-log Cabin Shell

The two sections are made inside a warehouse, so they are not exposed to the elements as they are built.

Here is one side under construction. The use standard materials, 16 on center 2x4s and 3/4″ tongue and groove plywood subfloor.

Each section is 12-feet wide and up to 40 feet long.

This one is 40 feet long on each side. You can choose other lengths.

Each side is completed in the warehouse, then joined on location.

Here is the other side, being built in a warehouse.

The buildings are constructed with 2×4 16″ on center walls, ceiling trusses and floor joists with 3/4″ T&G plywood subfloor

Once the two sides are completed, they are clad in half-log siding, so they look like log cabins.

Using two sections creates a practical 960 square foot shell that can be finished inside any way you want.

This is the other side. The two sides can be transported to your location, then assembled onsite. You can add options and I think I would opt for another door.

Half-log Cottage Shells are transported and joined on site

This makes a normal looking cabin.

Metal roof and two dormer windows

The one they are selling for $49,050 has two dormer windows, 8 other windows, wood door and green metal roof.

Two 12′ wide sections are joined together.

Here is a closer look. Doesn’t it look like it is actually made of logs, not just log siding?

Log Cabin Shell with Daylight Dormer Windows, a wooden cabin door, 8 windows and a green metal roof

There are other options available, so you can design something that will work for you.

This single 12′ cabin with log siding has a front porch, metal roof and dormer window.

For example, you can add a porch, like this smaller modular cabin.

It is from Secure Storage of Knoxville, but it is not on their website.

Secure Storage of Knoxville is at 7721 Maynardville Pike, Knoxville, TN 37938.