Using the Attic for Storage: Attic Storage Lifts

Using the Attic for Storage: Attic Storage Lifts

I finished the attic at the log cabin.

It makes a nice room!
Attic Finished to be a playroom and storage

It started out as a play room, but worked out to be really useful storage.

The stairs to the attic playroom are just inside the front door in the living room.
Stairs to the attic

I took out the pull down ladder and replaced it with stairs. They are just wide enough to make it easy to carry Rubbermaid storage tubs and totes up and down.

The attic - Pull-down Stairs for the Attic - Installing the Pull-Down Attic Ladder – Project Small House
The attic – there is a lot of space up here.

I would like to use the attic at the new house for storage, too. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. But there are a lot of things I don’t want to get rid of, but I don’t really need to be able to get at.

There is quite a bit of space in the attic. Plus there is all the space in the garage attic and the garage ceiling, above the cars.

DIY Attic Storage Assistance on

The only way into the attic is pull down stairs. I remember seeing instructions to make a pulley lift to get boxes up a ladder. I found it again. It is on

DIY Attic Storage Assistance on >

Versa-Lift Attic Lift is an elevator to winch things up into the attic.

Elevators to Lift Things Into the Attic

But while I was looking for that, I found elevators. They make elevators to get your stuff up into an attic.

SpaceLift Attic Storage Lifts

SpaceLift Attic Storage Lifts

This is the first one I found; SpaceLift SL 5222-S Attic Lift. It is on Amazon. Amazon also has SpaceLift SL 5228-S Attic Lift.

Why risk carrying storage up and down a scary ladder or steep stairs? Install a SpaceLift™ attic storage lift and see your attic in a whole new light.

SpaceLift has two models on their website. They are about the same, but one is 6” wider.

SpaceLift Model 5222-S

SpaceLift Model 5222-S

  • Entire Elevator 22” x 57.5”
  • Lift Platform 18” x 41”

SpaceLift Model 5228-S

  • Entire Elevator 28” x 57.5”
  • Lift Platform 24” x 41”

Both are 7” thick, have a lift capacity of 200 pounds, lift at a speed of 3 inches per second and have a ceiling height range of 15 feet.

It has controls right on the motor housing and comes with a wall-mounted remote control, too.

SpaceLift SL 5222-S Attic Lift
SpaceLift SL 5228-S Attic Lift

Versa-Lift Attic Lift

Amazon also showed a different attic elevator by Versa-Lift.

Versa Lift also has two models. The larger model can lift up to 250 pounds.

Versa Lift™ Model 24

Versa Lift™ Model 24

  • 200 lb. lifting capacity
  • 75″ x 44” lifting platform size

Versa Lift™ Model 32

  • 250 lb. lifting capacity
  • 75″ x 56″ lifting platform size

They have floor to floor options. Standard the elevator will winch your things up to floors 8-feet to 11-feet apart. It can be ordered with cables to reach up to 20-feet.

There are also control options. It comes standard with a corded remote. You can order it with a wall mounted switch or a cordless remote.

Versa-Lift 32 Mounted 8-11
Versa-Lift 24 Wireless 17-20
Versa-Lift 24 Corded 11-14
Versa-Lift 24 Mounted 8-11

Versa-Lift Attic Lift has a panel that covers the ceiling.

Both SpaceLift and Versa-Lift come with a Ceiling Cover Door, a panel that covers the ceiling when they are up in the attic. The Versa-Lift Attic Lift has a Fire-Rated Ceiling Cover Door available. You can also get the Versa-Lift Attic Lift with Auto-Shutters. These close the ceiling when the lifting platform is lowered.

Attic Dek Flooring System and Attic Maxx Truss Storage

While I was looking, I also found these two products. Attic Dek Flooring System and Attic Maxx Truss Storage.

Attic Dek Flooring System

Attic Dek Flooring System makes a quick and easy platform to turn the attic into storage.

Attic Maxx Truss Storage

Attic Maxx Truss Storage is pre-assembled shelves that fit between the trusses.

There are a lot of things available. And the prices are all over the place. Plywood is really expensive now, too…