Planning Our 2-Story Tuff Shed Garage – Counting the Costs

Planning Our 2-Story Tuff Shed Garage – Counting the Costs

We have some of the pricing for the things that are not on the Tuff Shed Build-a-Quote Configurator.

Right now there is a 41% off promotion that applies to the loft, windows, house wrap, vents, and doors. I thought 41% off was pretty random, but it’s for their 41 years in business.

Customer receives 41% off retail price of select upgrades. Excludes paint, stain, siding upgrades, porches, metal roof, dormer, clerestory, roof pitch and custom upgrades.

There is a maximum discount of $1,000 on garages.

Second Story Floor

The reason why I couldn’t find anything about putting in a second story floor is because they call it an overhead loft. It is only high enough to walk around in the center, but there is plenty of storage even where the walls come down.

TuffShed Premier Barn Garages costs less to go longer than to go wider.

That is one consideration. Although the wider sheds cost a little more, the space in the second floor is more usable. Less of the space is cut off by the roof.

The overhead loft is charged by the square foot. Standard price is $5.25 per square foot. It is one of the things that is on sale right now at $2.15 per square foot. It’s not the same size as the footprint, because there is no floor where the stairs are.


Interior stairs will cost $2500.00. Exterior stairs would cost more, since they have to use more expensive treated lumber and fasteners.


Standard siding is Vertical Groove Wood Panel Siding, Radiant Barrier backed. We could choose horizontal wood lap siding instead. That adds $6.75 per square foot. Or we could get cement siding, like Hardie Board for an additional $6.50 per square foot. Interesting that wood costs more than cement.

Tuff Shed House Wrap

If we plan to insulate and finish the interior, we need house wrap, like Tyvex. That costs $0.40 per square foot, usually. It is 41% off right now.

Radiant Barrier

The Radiant Barrier would be on the ceiling, but the walls will just have the wrap.

What is the difference between Radiant Barrier and Insulation?

Radiant barriers… consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. They don’t, however, reduce heat conduction like thermal insulation materials.

You can’t put insulation over radiant barrier because it can cause condensation. We don’t want mold and rotted wood, so we won’t be doing that.

Shingle and Paint Samples

Paint and Shingles

We are debating over one of the green paint shades with the rust shingles that matches our house or one of the red shades, so that it will look like a barn. I’m leaning toward barn red or the darker red with dark grey shingles.

Construction Costs

We have to pay for lift rental. They need the lift to get the trusses in place. Lift rental is $2500.00. That was not expected.

The barn has no floor. The price doesn’t include the floor. We will be putting the building on a slab. Tuff Shed will give us the requirements and we will find the people to put in the concrete. The concrete for our driveway cost $6.80 per square foot.

The estimate from Tuff Shed says, “Slab provided by customer will be within 1/2” tolerance on square, level, exterior dimensions to match the building size (per customer agreement).”

We might need grading, too. It is sloped. Not much, but some.

We are also checking into how much it will add to have power and water run on the same permit.

They will frame the wall for the air-conditioner for $25.00. You can ask for pretty much anything and they will add it to the quote. Some things are discounted.