2-Story TuffShed Premier Barn Garages for under $25,000

2-Story TuffShed Premier Barn Garages for under $25,000

We went to the new Tuffshed store that just opened in Greenville, SC to talk to them in person about adding garage with a workshop upstairs. We found that Tuffshed has eight Premier Barn Garage sizes with a base price under $25,000.

Which 2-Story TuffShed Premier Barn Garage is the best deal per square foot?

I broke this down to square footage of floor space not including the second floor or loft. This is just to get an idea of what will be the best deal. We plan to have a full “loft” and stairs to go up to it. You can’t do this on the Configurator online, but you can order it in person.

Tuff Shed Build-a-Quote Configurator

If the Configurator isn’t working for you, try a different browser. Internet Explorer seems to work best for me.

20’ wide and 16’ deep Premier Barn Garage with 320 square feet of floor space

The least expensive Premier Barn Garage is 20’ wide and 16’ deep. That is 320 square feet of floor space and comes to $61.96 a square foot.

TuffShed Premier Barn Garages costs less to go longer than to go wider.

Two sizes look like the best deal per square foot of storage under $25,000. The 20’ wide and 22’ deep and the 22’ wide and 20’ deep both have 440 square feet of floor space.

  • 20’ wide x 22’ long has a base price of $23,780.00. It comes out to $54.05 per square foot.
  • 22’ wide x 20’ long has a base price of $24,655.00. It comes out to $56.03 per square foot.

It costs less to go longer than it does to go wider. Adding more roof trusses costs less than making all of them wider.

This is the price without anything at all. Although they show the price with doors, vents and other things, they are all optional. You can choose the doors, windows, vents, and things that you want.

Additional Costs

This price does not include any doors, windows, vents or anything else.  The base prices I’m comparing does not include these nonnegotiable costs.

  • Paint is 10% of building base price.
  • Engineering Fees $1.25 per Square Foot
  • Permit $1.00 per Square Foot
  • Permit Processing $1.00
  • Garage Delivery Fee $375
  • Fuel Surcharge $20

TuffShed Premier Barn Garages do not include a floor. You have to add the cost of a floor.

Door Options

To play with these on the configurator, you select Doors, Windows & Vents on the far right menu with the browser at full screen.

Right now there is a sale on doors and windows. They are all 41% off these prices.

We want a garage door. There are four sizes available.

Overhead Garage Door with Glass Top Panels

Garage Door Options and Prices

  • 8’x7’ $1100
  • 10’x7’ $1200
  • 12’x7’ $1300
  • 16’x7’ $1600

All of these sizes are available with windows in the top panel. The garage can have black door hardware to looks a little like side hinges.

There is an option to have the garage door 14′ high if you are going to be parking a camper. Or you can have a 4′, 6′ or 8′ wide, 7′ high roll-up canister door.

A double shed door could also work. It costs less. It opens 8′ wide with both doors open. That’s wide enough to pull a car in and makes the garage really look like a barn.

  • 4’ x 6’7” Double Shed Doors (8’ wide) $564

Pedestrian Door Options and Prices

We want a pedestrian door. It should be convenient to the stairs.

  • Single Shed Door $324
  • 4’ x 6’7” Double Shed Doors (8’ wide) $564
  • Single 6 Panel Residential Door $575
  • Full Light Residential Door $655
  • Full Light Residential Double Door $1150

The Full Light door is a full glass door. It doesn’t cost a whole lot more than a regular door and lets in a lot of light without using up more wall space.

Window Options and Prices

These are the window options we are considering. Sliding windows open for air flow.

  • 2’x2’ Insulated Horizontal Sliding Window $199
  • 3’x2’ Insulated Horizontal Sliding Window $229
  • 3’x3’ Insulated Horizontal Sliding Window $259
  • 4’x3’ Insulated Horizontal Sliding Window $319

Transom windows don’t open. But they can be put in high, above the shelves that will be lining the walls.

  • 16”x8” Transom Window $69
  • 29”x8” Transom Window $159
  • 41”x8” Transom Window $159

The 41″ transom window costs the same as the 29″.

To add windows upstairs using the Configurator, you have to be on one of the ends. Click A or C. Then go to Windows > Gable Windows.

If you have a window near stairs, it has to be made of tempered glass, which costs a little more.

To add a Skylight you have to be on Roof B or D.

  • 2’x2’ Skylight $249
  • 2’x4’ Skylight $399

Below is a chart with the breakdown of the price per square foot of 1st level floor space for other sizes.

Premier Barn Garage with outside stairs to loft and dormer windows.

More Options and Add-ons

There are other options available that are not on the Configurator. The configurator doesn’t allow you to put in stairs and have a full second story.


We talked to them about the stairs. We considered putting the stairs outside so they don’t take up any of the interior space. Yes, they can do it. But it costs considerably more because it has to use exterior rated materials. We compared the difference and for a little less than the difference between the price of interior and exterior stairs, we can make the whole building 2-feet longer. And although we will lose some space with the stairs, there is still room under them and over them.

Tuffshed Dormer and Clerestory Windows

Dormer Windows

The Configurator doesn’t price dormer windows. A shed dormer might be practical to add space upstairs. I can’t find any photos of a barn roof with a shed dormer on the Tuff Shed website, but they show the other dormer windows on barn roofs. I will find out and if it is available get a price.

It is showing the Dormer and Clerestory Windows as roof options, not window options.

Price Breakdown for 20-feet Wide

Width Depth Price Sq Ft Per Ft
20 16 $19,828.00 320 $61.96
20 18 $21,228.00 360 $58.97
20 20 $22,463.00 400 $56.16
20 22 $23,780.00 440 $54.05
20 24 $25,095.00 480 $52.28
20 26 $26,412.00 520 $50.79
20 28 $27,680.00 560 $49.43
20 30 $29,012.00 600 $48.35

Price Breakdown for 22-feet Wide

Width Depth Price Sq Ft Per Ft
22 16 $21,732.00 352 $61.74
22 18 $23,194.00 396 $58.57
22 20 $24,655.00 440 $56.03
22 22 $26,120.00 484 $53.97
22 24 $27,550.00 528 $52.18
22 26 $29,028.00 572 $50.75
22 28 $30,458.00 616 $49.44
22 30 $31,955.00 660 $48.42

Price Breakdown for 24-feet Wide

Width Depth Price Sq Ft Per Ft
24 16 $23,437.00 384 $61.03
24 18 $25,046.00 432 $57.98
24 20 $26,640.00 480 $55.50
24 22 $28,297.00 528 $53.59
24 24 $29,841.00 576 $51.81
24 26 $31,467.00 624 $50.43
24 28 $33,075.00 672 $49.22
24 30 $34,685.00 720 $48.17

The longer the garage is, the less it costs per foot. Depending on the size, it only costs an additional $0.18 to $2.07 per foot to go bigger. The price for each door, window, vent and the price for the stairs remains the same. But that is only the base cost of the building. The prices for paint and the engineering fee goes up with the cost of the building.

The bigger we go, the more the concrete slab will cost, too.