12-foot Wide Barn to Tiny House Conversion

12-foot Wide Barn to Tiny House Conversion

I don’t think I have ever seen a Gambrel style roof shed converted to a home turn out as well as this one did. Styled with a distressed galvanized metal ceiling, weathered wood laminate flooring and concrete countertops, this conversion takes barn to a new level.

560 Square Feet Barn Roof Shed Converted to Efficient Home

White Tiny Home $38,000

560 square feet House

1 bath
560 square feet

Beautiful Tiny home located in Landrum SC fully insulated with plumbing and electricity already installed. Full bathroom with walk in shower, kitchen with concrete counter tops, gas fireplace, and sleeping loft! Open floor plan so would work great for a living space or home studio/office. Great condition! Serious inquiries only. Buyers are also responsible for moving house off the property!

560 Square Feet White Tiny Home
1065 Belue Mill Rd, Landrum, SC

They started with a 560 square foot shed. That is a 12-foot wide by 48-foot long shed with a bite out of the interior to give a very nice porch.

Front Porch

There is a usable sized porch. I love the checkerboard floor!

Front Porch

The porch is under the same roof and on the same floor joists.

Front Porch

This is the window to the kitchen. Don’t you love the porch lighting?


The kitchen fits nicely in the space that is left.It has full sized cabinets topped with concrete countertops,

It looks like the ceiling is lower over the kitchen, maybe for some added storage?

Front Door and Kitchen

The front door is all glass. There is a blind over it for privacy. The flooring is barn style wood laminate.

Open Floor Plan

The living area is all one room instead of cutting off a separate bedroom. There is a sleeping loft or you could have a sofa bed, futon or murphy bed.

This would also be a practical office.

Living Room

There is a bump out to install gas lines for an efficient gas heater. There is an air conditioner in one of the windows that can be removed in the winter.

Living Room

There is plenty of lighting, decorative sconces in the living room and plenty of recessed lights.

Distressed Galvanized Metal Ceiling

The ceiling is distressed galvanized metal. There is a loft over the bathroom that could be used as a extra storage or as a sleeping loft.

Living Room

This gas heater is very efficient, but not great looking. Instead of replacing it with a less efficient, but more attractive one that looks like logs, try putting an attractive fireplace screen in front of it! The flames will show through the screen.

Bathroom with Tiled Shower

The bathroom has a walk-in tiled shower with a ceiling mounted rain style shower head.