Tiny Farmhouse Plans from Free Farmhouse

Tiny Farmhouse Plans from Free Farmhouse

Jay Osborne, www.freefarmhouse.com, has designed a Tiny Farmhouse that is easy to build onto later. It is less than 500 square feet to be finished quickly and inexpensively. Then add on as you can afford to.

With only one bedroom, and less than 500 square feet, this design is great for 1-2 people. If necessary, it can easily have rear additions. Such 16-foot by 16-foot houses were often built in the 1800s. They grew over time.

This design could also have a corner bay window. And with a fireplace, it could be a perfect forest retreat. Wherever it’s located, it could be the ultimate starter home.

Jay Osborne

16×16 Tiny Farmhouse
497 Square Feet

Even though it is really tiny, only 16×16, the outside looks like a classic farmhouse.

I get messaged for ideas on how to turn a small shed into a house. This. You could not do better than to do this. If you want a practical floor plan for living in a 16×16 2-story shed, turn it into a Tiny Farmhouse.

16×16 Tiny Farmhouse Downstairs Floor Plan
497 Square Feet

This is the basic layout downstairs. I like that there is a front door and a back door, which they don’t put into very many plans this small.

The plumbing is logical, too. The upstairs bathroom is over the kitchen, with all the pipes close to each other. The washer is tucked under the stairs, still close. Keeping the plumbing close saves money, time and materials.

16×16 Tiny Farmhouse Upstairs Floor Plan
497 Square Feet

This is the upstairs floor plan for the tiny farmhouse.

I like that the bathroom is close to the bedroom, but accessible without going through the bedroom. You don’t want guests walking through the whole house if they have to go.

There is not a lot of storage, but there is room for a closet over the stairs. Space is dedicated to a desk area with a window to look out of.

16×16 Tiny Farmhouse with Addition Downstairs Floor Plan
698 Square Feet

This is the house with the kitchen moved to an addition out the back door and a small porch.

16×16 Tiny Farmhouse with Addition Upstairs Floor Plan
698 Square Feet

Upstairs a small bedroom is over the new kitchen.

16×24 Backyard Farmhouse
646 Square Feet

Backyard Farmhouse

Jay Osborne has different variations showing what you can do with just a few more added feet. The The Backyard Farmhouse Free Open Source ADU Plans come in three different sizes with dozens of variations. The smallest,  the Free 16×24 Open Source Backyard Farmhouse ADU Plans builds a 646-square-feet house,  just a little bit bigger than this 16×16 Tiny Farmhouse with 497-square-feet.

16×24 Backyard Farmhouse Plan
646 Square Feet

There are three variations on the 2-bedroom farmhouse plans.

16×16 Tiny Farmhouse – 497 Square Feet
Backyard Farmhouses in three sizes; 16×24 with 646 square feet, a little larger 16×28 with 749 square feet, and the largest 16×32 with 857 square feet, all with potential for rear or side additions.

You can see more of these plans on Jay Osborne’s site, www.freefarmhouse.com, on his Instagram, instagram.com/freefarmhouse/ or at patreon.com/freefarmhouse.

*All quotes unless otherwise stated are from the designer Jay Osborne cited from instagram.com/freefarmhouse/