Tiny House Studio from a Shed with Clerestory Windows

Tiny House Studio from a Shed with Clerestory Windows

See how a Facebook Marketplace seller has turned a shed into a 448 square foot studio. She bought two and all of the materials to finish them. After finishing one, she is selling the other one and the rest of the materials. You can finish it yourself, or she can recommend a team to do it for you.

The finished shed could be an office or a tiny house.

These two tiny houses are for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Tiny House Studio from a Shed with Clerestory Windows and Single Front Door

Unfinished $40,000
Finished $98,000
Tiny House Studio from a Shed with Clerestory Windows

Selling my 448sq studio space.

I originally had 2 and decided not to finish the second one (which is what I’m selling) but I have everything you need to finish the unit yourself, or a team that can do it for you.

Includes items:

  • A/C heating unit (mini-split)
  • insulation
  • hardwood floors
  • faucets
  • shower head
  • bathroom sink
  • bathroom tiles
  • tiny house washer/dryer
  • light fixtures

*Photos of the finished unit is to showcase how it could look & the hardwood floor for the one that I am selling (with the unfinished unit)

Shed with Clerestory Windows and French Doors

One of the sheds has French doors. The other has a single exterior door.

Shed with Clerestory Windows

The windows add a lot of light and make the roof higher over the doors.

Hard wood floor

The shed that has already been converted into a studio has a hard wood floor. Enough wood flooring is available to finish the other shed.

The windows raise the roof line

The windows are in a shed dormer that gives a higher roof line. The ceiling is higher and there is a lot of light.

Complete bathroom in one corner

The studio has a separate bathroom framed in. The rest of the room is a single open room.

Double French Doors let in plenty of light

Wide Arts & Crafts style trim around the doors and at the base really adds a finished look.

Private Bath with Shower

The bathroom has standard-size plumbing fixtures.

Dining Area and Private Bath

The bathroom has windows to add more light.

Mini Split Heat and AC Unit Air Handler

The studio has a Daikin High-Efficiency Mini-Split System.

Mini Split Heat and AC Unit Condenser and Compressor

The ductless mini-split system includes two parts, the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser and compressor connect through a pipe in the outside wall.

Daikin High-Efficiency Mini-Split System

You can see the listing and more photos on Facebook Marketplace.

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