How Much Will My Deer Run Cabin Cost?

How Much Will My Deer Run Cabin Cost?

We still haven’t really hammered out the floor plan, but we are moving forward with getting some prices so we can compare a modular Deer Run Cabin with small modular homes from other companies.

We really want a smaller house than the smallest modular Clayton Homes and Nationwide Homes build, at least where we live. It is really hard to compare modular homes. Different companies included different things. We can break it down by square footage, but since we really want a small house, that’s not helpful.

I sent a list of questions to Deer Run Cabins in Kentucky and the owner got right back to me with answers.

First, yes, they are a certified modular builder. They are set up to have the same building inspections as any on-site built house, but in Kentucky, as the house is being built. Each stage of construction, framing, electrical, plumbing, insulation, drywall and roofing, is inspected. They don’t cover up the work until it has passed inspection. They can pass NC state building code and get a NC seal.

14' x 28', 392 Square Feet Modular Log Cabin from Deer Run Cabins
T&G Log Siding
14′ x 28′, 392 Square Feet Modular Cabin from Deer Run Cabins

The standard exterior siding is tongue and groove log siding, but they do other siding as well. Some cost more.

T&G Knotty Pine Walls, Spruce Floors with Walnut Stain and Clear Coat

The interior floors are spruce. It is finished with Walnut stain and clear coat.  “Luxury vinyl flooring” is available for an additional $7.00 a square foot. I asked, that is the snap in vinyl.

The interior walls are 1×6 T&G knotty pine. Drywall is not available. The sidewalls are 7-feet 1” high.

PTAC Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner
The kind of heat and air conditioning you find in hotel rooms

No heat or AC is included in the standard price. They can sell us a PTAC unit.  PTAC means “Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner.” This is the kind of heat/air you find in a hotel room. A 12500 BTU unit is  $1200. A 15000 BTU unit is $1500. However he recommends having a local HVAC company put in a mini split instead.

Cabin Truck Delivery and Setup
Turn your speaker volume down

Yes, they deliver to our area. They deliver anywhere in the country. Delivery to where we live will be about $4200. The size does not change the delivery cost. They can set the cabin up with a crane, but where we live they don’t need to.

Deer Run Cabin 14 x 48 Bear with Side-by-Side Washer / Dryer in Bathroom

We really like the floor plan of the 14 x 48 Bear model, but with only one bedroom, so we asked for a price to see how this compares to the prices of the other modular homes.

This 672 Square Foot cabin is small, but really has everything we need. And they can make it longer, up to 58-feet long. This will at least give us an idea.

This is included in the price we got back:

  • 5’ panels for exterior walls and roof
  • Layout per customer plan with 1 bed 1 bath
  • 29 gauge roofing and fascia wrap with ridge cap
  • Double pane and insulated windows
  • Exterior V-Grove siding painted
  • 2×6 structural
  • T&G flooring throughout
  • 1×6 T&G ceiling and walls unpainted
  • Upper and lower kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen breakfast bar
  • Formica countertops
  • Bath fixtures
  • Bath fan
  • Walnut stain and clear coat on floor
  • Reverse gable and four shed dormers

This costs extra:

  • 10×14 loft $2,800
  • Plans, engineering, third party inspections and NC state plan review with NC seal. $7,500

That all adds up to $111,948.

Deer Run Cabins
14×48 Whitetail
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
Side-by-side washer and dryer in bath

If we change the cabin to a Whitetail, without the gable, dormers or loft, we can save $16,400. So that would make a 14×48 cabin cost $95,548.

If we make it longer, 58-feet long, it adds up to 812 square feet. If I have this right, the additional floor space will cost $18,060. So, the 812 square foot cabin, no dormers or gables or loft, comes to $113,608. Plus the estimated $4200 for shipping, $117,808.