Order Process for Deer Run Cabins

Order Process for Deer Run Cabins

The next step in ordering a cabin from Deer Run Cabins is a Customer Worksheet.

The Customer Worksheet makes sure you have considered all of the choices and you and Deer Run Cabins are talking about making the same cabin. It makes sure you know your options and aren’t confused about what you are getting.

It starts with name and date, then continues with the cabin options.

Deer Run Cabins Moose has a covered porch on the gable end under the same roof line.

Choose Model and Size

The Pre-built cabins are the Bear, Caribou, Elk, Moose, Whitetail and Antelope.

  • The Whitetail is the basic cabin. It costs the least.
  • The Elk has a small front porch under the same roof line.
  • The Moose has a covered porch on the gable end under the same roof line.
  • The Caribou has a reverse gable. A reverse gable gives you a higher ceiling.
  • The Bear comes with 4 shed dormers and a reverse gable.
  • The Antelope is any two or more of the other pre-built cabins put together.
Deer Run Cabins Antelope is any two or more of the other pre-built cabins put together.

You can see floor plans and photos of all of the cabins at deerruncabins.com/pre-built.

Deer Run Cabins Whitetail with Log Siding and Porch

You can add a porch. The porch is built onsite after cabin delivery.

Deer Run Cabins Caribou Reverse Gable or Butterfly Gable

The Caribou and Bear come with a reverse gable, but you can add a reverse gable to any of the plans.

Deer Run Cabins Loft over the kitchen

The standard ceiling is open, but you can add a cabin loft to add space. A reverse gable gives more space in the loft.

Deer Run Cabins Metal Roof and Exterior Stain Choices

Choose the metal roof color. Choose Canyon Brown, Cedar Tone or Mahogany exterior stain color.

Deer Run Cabins Windows

You can have larger windows for $100 more per window. Talk to them about other window options.

Deer Run Cabins Floor – Clear Coated and Walnut Stained and Clear Coated

Decide whether or not to have the floor stained Walnut before it is clear-coated.

Light Travertine or Dark Jamocha Formica Countertops

Decide between dark Jamocha and light Travertine formica countertops or specify something else.

Next, consider what appliances you are going to have in the kitchen. Deer Run Cabins does not include appliances, but they need to know how much space to work around for the cabinets. The worksheet asks whether you will have a fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher or garbage disposal and what size they will be.

You can add a kitchen island or breakfast bar for $1600.

You can add additional bath cabinets to the cabin. A 24”, 30” or 36” pantry will be $1200. A linen closet at 18” or 24” is $900.

Deer Run Cabins Breaker Box


Next, where do you want the breaker box? It cannot go into the bathroom or closets. Think about where your cabin will be. Where will the power lines be?

Have you decided yet how you want to heat or cool the cabin? You need to let Deer Run Cabins know, so they can have it wired for you.

They can add a generator hookup for $350.

The Next Steps

Deer Run Cabins will start with a 30% deposit. In our case, that is $34,424.40. (At least right now, we still aren’t sure about this.) They gave us the Account and Routing number to make the deposit.

Cancellation Policy: Your order has been custom designed per your specifications. Therefore, if for any reason you should need to cancel your order, 30% of your total is non-refundable. Thank you for understanding.

Site Prep

While the cabin is being built, we need to build a foundation and prepare for the truck delivering the cabin.

It is your responsibility to provide adequate access to your building site for delivery. This means removing trees and branches that may interfere with delivery; looking for low hanging wires (14’6” height minimum); solid ground (no travel over landscaping, septic lines, etc.). You must verify prior to delivery that there is adequate turning space at curves and onto roads and driveways for our delivery vehicle and trailer.

One 14-foot end of the foundation can be no more than 30 inches out of the ground, and the same end has to have a minimum of 60 to 70 feet of accessible terrain straight away for truck and trailer access to unload.

You shall be solely responsible for any and all damage to your land or other property, including the cabin, delivery vehicles and personnel, incurred as a result of your failure to provide proper and safe access to the building site.

The Terms and Conditions says we will be notified approximately 14 days before the cabin is ready, then we have 7 days to arrange to pay the balance,  $80,323.60. (If we stay with this plan.)

Ending Total Due Before Shipping: You will be notified approximately 10 days before shipping to send your final payment to allow time for receipt of check and clearing of funds.

If the balance isn’t paid in time, the shipping date will be rescheduled.

Cabin Delivery

The cabin is delivered by a third-party contractor. The Terms and Conditions says the first 200 miles are free, then it costs $9.00 per mile. The route is set by each state’s department of transportation, so it may not be the most direct route. It is the route DOT thinks is safest to move a wide load.

There is an additional charge from the time the cabin leaves the highway till the cabin is unloaded. The first hour is included, then it costs an additional $250 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments. This includes any waiting around time while you do any prep you should have done before the driver got there. You pay this to the driver at the time of delivery.

Invoices/Quotes are not final due to conditions of the job site or information not given to us at the time of the sale.

I had not thought about the weather.

The parties acknowledge that weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our control may occur that could delay completion or delivery of the cabin. Neither we nor our agents, contractors or affiliates shall be responsible for delays caused by weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our control.

They invoice says $2,800 for shipping. Maybe that’s just a standard estimate. The owner gave us an estimate of $4,200. But it looks like we need to be sure to have some just-in-case money for this.


The invoice does not included taxes. So, we need to be prepared to pay whatever that comes to. I checked. NC sales tax will be another 2.38%.

Zoning codes and permitting are the responsibility of the buyer. Please be advised that purchaser may be responsible for use tax in their own or home state because purchase is recognized as personal property.