Westwood Modular Home Pre-delivery Inspection

Westwood Modular Home Pre-delivery Inspection

They called us early in December to let us know that our cabin was nearing completion and that we could schedule the Pre-delivery Inspection. They shut down from Christmas till New Year and Cliff was already work-scheduled before that, so the earliest we could make it was yesterday.

We accidentally took the long cut to Westwood Cabins and got to see the town of Due West, South Carolina this time. It is a really cute little historic southern town. We thought we would stop at a couple of places on the way home, but we forgot till it was too late.

Our New Cabin!

As soon as we got there, I could see our cabin. It had been moved out of the warehouse so they could start the next cabins.

Pink Playhouse at Westwood Cabins

We also saw this cute little playhouse. I sent a photo of it to my mom and told her we had decided on this one instead. She didn’t believe me.

Our New Cabin!

While Chase went to get the key, I ran over and circled the outside of the cabin.

I love the colors together! The dark grey with the lighter grey metal roof look great together!

Our New Cabin!

I love the white trim on the windows and the white doors.

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They put security lights on every corner. Thank you!

Our New Cabin Living Room

This is the living room. That will be the front door. I really love the white ceilings.

Our New Cabin Living Room

The back door is on the other wall.

Our New Cabin Living Room

The living room is so nice and bright! Really, every room gets plenty of light.

Our New Cabin Kitchen

This is the new kitchen. I love it! I love the countertop color with the walls.

Our New Cabin Kitchen

Look at all that counter space!

Our New Modular Cabin Kitchen
Westwood Cabins Creekside Manor

The faucet is chrome, just like we want. That spot is for the dishwasher.

Our New Cabin Kitchen

This if for kitchen trash and recycle.

Our New Cabin Hall

The hallway is nice and bright with the windows. See the storage loft?

Our New Modular Cabin Laundry
Westwood Cabins Creekside Manor

I’m so glad we have a window in the laundry room, too. That is the ladder to the loft.

Our New Cabin Bath

The bathroom is good sized, too. There is an outlet behind the door to mount a heater to the wall later.

The screens for all the windows and the left-over paint are in the shower.

Door to Bathroom on right
Door to Bedroom at the end of the Hall

The bedroom door swings in. There is a light switch on each end of the hall.

Westwood Cabin Pre-delivery Inspection

The bedroom has one double window for lots of light. I love the high ceiling. I appreciate that they gave us ceiling fans. Thank you!

Westwood Modular Cabin Bedroom

And the closet is huge! More than 10 feet long.

Now all we need to do is get a foundation finished to put it on! Things are going much faster than we expected.

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The cabin is from Westwood Cabins. You can see more photos and floor plans at www.westwoodcabins.com and www.facebook.com/westwoodcabins.

The work is done by Fowler Excavating. Taylor Fowler has managed all of the subcontractors.