What Does a Round House Look Like Inside?

What Does a Round House Look Like Inside?

When we were deciding what to build, my husband really wanted a round house. Deltec Homes is near us, so we see a lot of round homes. My dad built “rondettes” at Connestee Falls near Brevard, NC back in the ’70s.

I couldn’t even imagine living in a round house. How would I arrange furniture?

A small round house was just listed for rent on Facebook Marketplace. See what a round house can look like inside!

Round House for Rent in Asheville NC

2 Beds 1 Bath House
$1,800 / Month Rental
408 Hazel Mill Rd, Asheville, NC

1200 square feet

Newly renovated cozy cottage sitting on a large and spacious lot. This home features an open concept kitchen/dining/living room area with vaulted ceilings for a spacious feel! Located less than 5 minutes to Downtown Asheville, West Asheville Proper and Biltmore in a nice neighborhood.

This home comes fully furnished with the option to include all utilities (internet, electric, water, trash and sewer) for an additional cost.

Lease prices

  • 1-2 month lease $1,800 per month
  • 6 month lease $2,000 per month
  • 12 month lease $2,200 per month

Property will be available on 2/6/2024. This house will be rented fully furnished, we will not unfurnish this property. We do not accept vouchers.

Round House for Rent in Asheville NC

Round House Living Room

As you walk in the front door, the living room is to the left.

Round House Living Room

On the other side is a small kitchen.

Round House Kitchen

The walls are not actually round. The house is built out of straight panels.

Round House Kitchen

The kitchen is small, but there is some counter space and storage.

Round House Kitchen with Dining Area

There is enough space for a small dining area.

Round House

The Living Room is to the left. The Kitchen/Dining are is on the right. A Hallway runs through the middle to Bedrooms and a Bathroom.  The 2nd Bedroom is at the end of the hall

Round House
The 2nd Bedroom is at the end of the hall

The master bedroom is the door on the left. There is a very small second bedroom at the end of the hall. The bathroom is through the door to the right.

Round House 2nd Bedroom

This is the small second bedroom. It still has enough space for a closet.

Round House Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has more room.

Round House Master Bedroom

Look at all of the windows! There is a deck out the french doors.

Round House Master Bedroom

The bathroom is right across the hall. There is plenty of closet space.

Round House Bathroom with Laundry

The bathroom is big enough for a stacked washer and dryer.

Round House Bathroom

The bath is small, but not too small.

Google Satellite View of Round House

I looked it up and found the same house on Zillow and on Google Maps.  Zillow added that there is Central Air.

Google View of Round House

Google has photos of the house going back to 2012.

Click See More Dates to see pictures from every time the Googe Street View car has driven by

Did you know you can see views from every time the Google Street View car drives by? Click See More Dates and they open at the bottom of the screen.

This is the Street View right now. It is from Feb 2023, when it looks like they were doing some construction.

Deltec Home 1200
2 Bedroom – 2 Bath

Deltec Round Homes

This looks like one of the Deltec round houses. Deltec calls their round homes their 360° Collection. But this doesn’t really match any of the floor plans Deltec shows.

The listing says this house is 1200 square feet. Above is a plan for a Deltec Home that is approximately 1200 square feet. It looks significantly bigger. But I can imagine it would be difficult to get the exact square footage of a round(ish) house.

You can see how the Deltec 360° Collection round houses are built from panels. This one has 15 panels. The example shows the round house with an addition and a garage.

Deltec Homes 360 Collection Floorplan Example 1357 sqft

This homeowner chose to turn one of Deltec’s rectangular wing options into a garage, which is fairly common among our homeowners. The connect doubles as a mudroom and covered porch, giving them even more outdoor space.

1200 Square Foot Deltec Home

Deltec Home 800
746 square feet
2 Bedroom – 1 Bath

This is the smallest Deltec home I found on their website. Like the house on Facebook, it has two bedrooms and one bathroom. It is built using 12 panels.

Deltec Homes 360 Collection Floorplan Example 746 sqft

With two bedrooms and one bathroom, this floorplan shows how spacious 746-square-feet can be. The large living area and open kitchen allows room for a dining and a small office area.

800 Square Foot Round Home

Round House Living Room

The living room looks kinda like it could fit into this plan.

Round House Kitchen

The kitchen is laid out differently, but could maybe fit.

Round House Dining Area

But the house on Facebook has a hall down the middle leading to the bedrooms. None of the examples on the Deltec Homes website are laid out like this.

Round House Master Bedroom

The Deltec round houses do have all of the windows and decks like this, though.

About Deltec Kit Houses

Deltec sells home kits to build round houses and more traditional looking houses.

Some packages give you what you need to build the shell. You buy the rest of the materials locally and you our your builder complete the house.

What’s Included in your Deltec Express Package

Each Deltec shell includes the full exterior structural elements of the home including wall panels, exterior sheathing, floor and roof trusses, windows, siding, and connecting hardware.

Deltec shell package (structural components) for your slab foundation (pricing also available for placement on a crawlspace)

You can buy kits that include more materials.

The Express Package also includes:

  • Pre-installed high-efficiency Marvin windows
  • Deltec 2 x 6 enhanced “energy walls” with 1” rigid foam board insulation
  • High-quality 5/8” plywood sheathing and high-density framing lumber (the strongest available)
  • Durable LP SmartSide ® exterior siding with encapsulating primer coat
  • Floorplans for your builder

You can also have the house built by their contractors, more like Schumacher Homes. The price doesn’t include the land, of course. You can see more about what is and isn’t included here: Deltec Homes Standard Shell and Options.