Setting a Blue Ridge Log Cabin with a Crane

Setting a Blue Ridge Log Cabin with a Crane

The couple that surveyed for our foundation are currently building a Blue Ridge Log Cabin. She gave me some photos of the process to share.

See inside the attic? The hinged pieces are folded up and stabilized.

We considered Blue Ridge Log Cabins and I went to their offices and toured. This cabin comes in two main sections. The roof is folded up to transport.

Gable end of the roof set with crane

Once the two sections of the log cabin are put together, the roof is unfolded.

Here’s the gable end, swinging up and into place.

The cabin is set up with a crane. The gable ends are put into place and the cabin is completed on your building site.

It looks like the crane is in a trailer, but the trailer is just in front of the crane.
Yeah, that really wouldn’t work.

I the first photos I thought this was some kind of crane trailer, but it’s not. That really wouldn’t work.

See how the roof is hinged?

It’s just a trailer. See how the roof sections are hinged? They finish unfolding them on site.

Fitting the last piece of the gable into place.

The crane lifts the last sections of the house into place to be completed on their site.

This modular log cabin is made with two pieces.

They finish the shingles on the top of the roof. You can see how this is two log sections. Blue Ridge Log Cabins are made with real logs in modules that are 12’9” wide.

That is a BIG crane!

They make cabins with one, two, three or more modules in their warehouse factory right off I-26 in South Carolina near the North Carolina state line. The module sections are transported to your building site and assembled with a crane.

After the roof is unfolded, they finish the shingles.

The house is nearly completed. They have to come back to finish some trim. They leave the stain for you to finish that yourself.

All assembled on the top of the mountain!

So here it is! The cabin on top of the mountain. Dream house!

Blue Ridge Log Cabins Carolina I

It looks exactly like the Carolina I  cabin on Blue Ridge Log Cabin’s website.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins Carolina I

1,030 Square Feet

  • Narrow lot design
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Baths

This practical floor plan has everything you need. The open living room and kitchen gives you a sense of space without sacrificing comfort.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins Carolina I

They chose the cabin at a log cabin show, probably the Asheville Log Home & Timber Frame Show that was at the Ag Center last year.

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Blue Ridge Log Cabins Carolina I: Log Home Floor Plan

She promised me some more photos when they get if finished.