Attaching the Modular Cabin to the Foundation

Attaching the Modular Cabin to the Foundation

After the cabin was placed by the crane, a carpenter showed up to attach the cabin to the sill plate on the block foundation.

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Modular Cabin Wall Section Connections Plan
Anchor Bolts, Sill Plate

This part of the plan shows the Typical Wall Section On-site Connections. The crane placed the cabin on the sill plate.

Z Channel (Installed in-plant)
Sill Plate

This is what it looks like when the cabin first gets set down. Z Channel, or Z Flashing prevent water from getting under the siding.

The Z flashing is used as a horizontal joint between one-inch siding to keep moisture out. It is used where siding meets horizontally.

Z Flashing Menard

The floor joists attach to rails. There are four rails. The two center rails are not structural, they are just for transportation. The outside rails are set on the sill plate.

They nailed the cabin rail to sill.

Next the plan says; “Toenail rail to sill using galvanized nails or screws.” And that’s what he did.

Attaching the cabin rail to the sill plate

Then we waited for another inspection.