Rustic Post and Beam Cabin Kits

Rustic Post and Beam Cabin Kits

This $120,000 Rustic Post and Beam Cabin Kit builds a 3000 garage with a 1320 square foot apartment upstairs.  Custom kits average $20 a square foot and finished Post and Beam homes start at $55 a square foot. You can also buy pressure treated or natural posts and beams in different lengths and widths by the linear foot.

A Post and Beam Cabin Kit that builds a large 50×60 Barn/Garage with a 22×60 Loft Apartment upstairs showed up on one of the Facebook Garage Sale Groups I follow.

Post and Beam Garage with Upstairs Apartment

Custom Post and Beam Kit for Garage with Upstairs Loft – $120,000

This 50×60 barn has a 22×60 loft and stairs. It is built with BIG TIMBERS that looks amazing and make a solid building.

This is a material package. The price includes the timber frame kit, wall and roof framing material, interior wooden wall covering, and exterior wood siding. All of our building materials are made with solid Missouri yellow pine. Although set-up labor and delivery is not included in this package, we offer it if you are interested.

All our work is custom and we are happy to work with you on a plan that suits your needs. Contact us for more information or to find out about our lead time.

Brent Horst
Custom Post and Beam Material Package

Timber Framed Garage with Apartment Upstairs

The listing is from Brent Horst. His profile says he is the owner at Timberstone Post and Beam. I found more photos on his business page; and website;

Block Walls with Timber Framed Roof

The garage is built on a large slab.

The land the Post and Beam cabin is built on is sloped. The side that is below grade is block.

Timber Framed Post and Beam Building with Block Wall on Bank Side

This is inside a different post and beam project from Timberstone Post and Beam. It shows how the construction fits block and timber beams together.

Timberstone Post and Beam Upstairs Apartment Construction

This is the upstairs apartment with the roof on before the walls are up. This gives a better idea how post and beam construction works. The posts are vertical, supporting the beams.

Upstairs Apartment and Downstairs Garage
Timberstone Post and Beam

The horizontal roof and floor trusses can span large spaces, so you can use the interior space any way you want.

Post and beam construction is a method of building that uses large, heavy timbers to support the structure. The beams are typically spaced far apart, which allows for large open spaces within the building.

Garage with Upstairs Apartment with Massive Timber Supports

The thick beams are Southern Yellow Pine.

The large timbers are strong and durable, so they require less support than traditional framing methods. This can lead to faster construction times and lower construction costs.

Post and Beam Stairs

This kit includes open stairs built with the heavy timber.

Post and Beam Garage with Apartment Built on Slope

This is the garage with the side back-filled.

The Post and Beam Barn Garage with Doors and Windows

The front of this garage and apartment with the doors, windows and exterior lighting complete.

Post and Beam Construction
Covered Deck on Slab

They added a covered slab deck. It is attached to the side of the garage.

Rustic Post and Beam Garage with Apartment and Covered Deck

You can buy materials from them to add a post and beam carport or covered deck to your own home.

Post and Beam Covered Deck on Slab

Here is a closeup of the covered deck.

Finished Post and Beam Garage with Upstairs Apartment

The final finished building gives you a lot of garage space and plenty of living space.

Finished Large Post and Beam Apartment

The apartment is 1,320 square feet! That is enough room to do ANYTHING with!

Finished Rustic Wall with Massive Post and Beam Construction

This is how they finished this apartment inside, with vertical natural wood and exposed beams.

Timbers can be left unfinished to showcase their natural beauty, or they can be stained or painted to match the homeowner’s desired style.

Timber Framed Post and Beam Ceiling

You wouldn’t want to hide these beams!

Timber Framed Post and Beam Timbers

This is another example off their website, with much of the logs left rough.

Smaller Post and Beam Building on Slab

Custom Post and Beam

Timberstone Post and Beam’s website says they will create a kit for whatever project you have in mind. Or they build complete finished homes like in these photos.

Craft your dream space with our custom post and beam buildings. Timeless design, enduring quality – your vision, our expertise.

Their Facebook page says the kits average $20 a square foot and finished homes start at $55 a square foot.