Half Price Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit

Half Price Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit

If you have been looking at the Allwood Scandinavian Cabin Kits, this is probably the best deal you will get. An Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit is on Facebook Marketplace at approximately half price.

The Claudia kit retails for $10,450.00. The included interior wall kit is another $1,295.00. The metal roof and the concrete supports add even more to the value. Pick this one up in Hendersonville NC for $7,000.

Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit assembled in Hendersonville NC

Cabin Kit for sale by Owner – $7,000
Listed  in Hendersonville, NC

Have to sell this beautiful cabin.  Only up for 4 weeks, then told to take it down, Land not suitable for occupancy.

It was my dream to have a cabin on the land with my babbling brook. Such a sad situation. Hopefully somebody else will see the possibilities.

Allwood Claudia is a popular cottage styled kit cabin made from high quality Nordic wood. It makes an ideal pool house, guest house, beach or garden cottage or even a stand-alone retail building. Assembly of this solid wood cabin takes about 3-4 days with two handy adults. Directions in the form of numbered drawings and a corresponding parts list come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed.

Visit the Allwood Cabin/Claudia site on the internet for more information
If still listed still available

Cabin Kit for sale by Owner

Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit Plan with Measurements

The Claudia Kit from Allwood makes a 209 square foot cabin. She purchased the interior room kit that puts a 3’x8′ room wherever you want inside the cabin.

You can see more information on Amazon: Allwood Spruce Claudia | 209 SQF Cabin Kit on Amazon and on the Allwood Outlet Website: allwoodoutlet.com/Allwood-Claudia-209-SQF-kit-cabin.

Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit assembled in Hendersonville NC

This is a photo of the cabin assembled. The kit doesn’t include the roof materials. The windows are “double glazing” insulated glass windows. The interior room has a sliding door with plexiglass panels.

Before you buy and assemble this, make sure about your zoning and permits. Where we live, anything 12-feet on any side has to be permitted. This cabin is 17’8″ x 12’5″, so we would need a permit and inspections of some sort.

The Allwood website says;

…it is solely your responsibility to determine whether or not you will need a building permit and what the requirements are to meet local codes or other rules that apply in your locality. You can contact your local building code authorities for such information and hire a local licensed engineer for assistance. Laws, ordinances, regulations, restrictions, covenants, and other codes or rules that apply to sheds, storage buildings or other outdoor structures vary from state to state and from county to county. Moreover, these codes or rules are also subject to change. Please confirm that the product will meet the local building codes and regulations PRIOR TO MAKING A PURCHASE.

Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit assembled in Hendersonville NC

The walls are built of  1-3/4″ tongue and groove spruce logs.

Allwood WindBlock Tongue and Groove Spruce Logs

This is what the logs look like. They don’t need chinking like my log cabin had. WindBlock Tongue and Groove Spruce Logs fit together tightly so wind doesn’t blow through.

The logs do not come finished with paint or stain. The Allwood website say;

You must paint or treat your item soon after it is assembled in order for the warranty to apply. Paint or stain will help to protect your new building against the weather conditions. Three coats of stain or two coats of paint are best.

Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit assembled in Hendersonville NC

The cabin comes with all of the instructions to build this exact cabin. Even if you want to use the materials to build something different (smaller, that doesn’t need permits and inspections), this is still a good deal.

Certain models can be modified depending on the factory. Modifications do not extend to square footage or shape,  but pertain to windows, doors and interior room size… Smaller cabins cannot be modified at all by the factories under any circumstances.

If this is yours, you can do whatever you want to with it.

Interior Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit assembled in Hendersonville NC

Everything, all of the walls, floor and ceiling are unfinished spruce wood. The front and back walls are 7’3″ high. It is 11’11” high in the center.

Interior wall and floor
Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit

This kit includes the floor. Many shed and cabin kits do not. They are supposed to be built on a concrete slab.

Claudia Cabin Kit

This photo from the Allwood website shows how the kit is assembled on block piers.

Allwood Internal Room Kit
3’x8′ interior room
Sliding barn door with three windows

The kit she purchased adds interior walls to create a room big enough to add a separate bathroom. There are no photos of the interior room in the one on Marketplace. This photo is from the Allwood website.

The kit includes two walls 80-7/8″ high and a ceiling.  The room will be 3-feet wide by 8-feet long. There is a sliding barn door, “74-3/4″ high x 32-7/8″ wide, with frosted plexiglass.”

They are installed inside in a corner using 2 existing cabin walls to form a separate small room. In addition to use as a bathroom, these small rooms can also function as walk-in closets, storage rooms, kitchenettes or other applications… there is a ceiling to the structure… The ceiling boards can also be left out.

Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit

The Allwood website says the cabin kit weighs 4200 Pounds. The additional interior walls, roof and foundation blocks add more weight, but still perfectly moveable.

It takes “about 4 days with two handy adults” to put the cabin together.

Do it yourself instructions come with the kit in the form of numbered drawings and a corresponding parts list. Only minimal tools are needed.